Gala Awards 2022

By |December 2nd, 2022|Recognition|

Put your hands together for our Gala Awards 2022 Achievers! Last night we all came together virtually to celebrate the Gala Awards, where we announced who's earned our coveted awards for their hard work and success over the past year! If you missed it, the recordings will be available very soon, but for now we have a special IsaFYI article so you can see all our incredible achievers. A HUGE congratulations to every single leader who was recognised, you are truly inspirational and we loved celebrating your success with you. New Executives and Crystal Executives Crystal Executives are outstanding business builders who’ve achieved a huge amount within 180 days of becoming an Associate. To earn this [...]

Global Top Achievers 2022

By |February 24th, 2022|Recognition|

Each year, our most dedicated business builders receive an invitation from Isagenix Co-Founders Jim and Kathy Coover to join them at one of our most exclusive business training events of the year - Global Top Achievers. The best part? It all takes place at one of the most incredible and adventurous destinations in the world and this year our achievers will be jetting off to Los Cabos, Mexico! This year we have had an incredible 13 achievers from Isagenix Europe, that’s the most we’ve EVER had! Let’s get to know them… Michael Bockaert Belgium 6-Star Golden Circle, 5-Star Crystal Executive Amanda Gee United Kingodom 2-Star Golden Circle, 1-Star Crystal Executive [...]

Gala Award Achievers 2021

By |October 15th, 2021|Recognition|

Put your hands together for our Gala Award achievers 2021! Spirit of Isagenix This voter’s choice award is given to one Associate who inspires others with their leadership, lives the values and principles of Isagenix and empowers others to change their lives for the better. This prestigious award goes to... Michael Bockaert A big shout out to our other two nominees Nick Dask and Olga Rodriguez. Legacy Club This coveted group gives recognition to Isagenix Legacy Club Millionaires** – Associates who have built a thriving business to cumulatively earn $1 million USD or more with Isagenix. Award recipient: Heather Atkinson [...]

Meet your Global Top Achievers 2021!

By |March 11th, 2021|Recognition|

Global Top Achievers recognises and rewards our top Leaders in Action with exceptional training, relaxation, and fun. It’s one of our most sought-after incentive trips and is the absolute pinnacle for any Isagenix Associate. The best part? It all takes place at one of the most gorgeous destinations in the world! This year’s qualifications were unique as they included our newest family members from Zija. So, let’s give a HUGE round of applause to our Global Top Achievers 2021!   Michael Bockaert (Belgium) Nick Dask (Germany) Gerhard Klenner (Austria) Esther & Tom (Netherlands)   These guys have put in the work, the dedication and the passion to take their business to new heights and they are a true inspiration to [...]

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