2020 Movers and Shakers

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Put your hands together for our top European achievers of 2020!   Top 5 Manager Leadership Pool Earners  #1 Saskia van Cruchten & Frank Boevink - 1 Star Silver Circle – Crystal Director #2 Veerle Vanrossum - 1 Star Golden Circle – Crystal Executive #3 Lloyd Girardi - Crystal Executive #4 Dewi van de Wall - 2 Star Golden Circle – 1 Star Crystal Executive #5 Heleen Lucassen - 1 Star Golden Circle – Crystal Executive   Top 5 Directors/Executives Leadership Pool Earners  #1 Michael Bockaert - 5 Star Golden Circle – 5 Star Crystal Executive #2 Kim Baeyens - 2 Star Golden Circle – 1 Star Crystal Executive #3 Sophie & Dominique Vandaele - 3 Star Golden Circle – 3 Star Crystal [...]

2020 Gala Award Winners!

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We’ve just announced the winners of our yearlong recognition programmes which reward those who have been working at the top of their game to build their Isagenix business between 28 January 2019 – 26 January 2020. It’s not just about top earners – we’re recognizing our Associates who embody the Isagenix vision, those who drive the most momentum and who are accelerating Isagenix’s growth! Check out all our inspiring winners below! Spirit of Isagenix This voter’s choice award is given to one Associate who exemplifies the Isagenix mission statement and culture in Europe. Heather Atkinson had the highest number of nominations from the field about how she embodies the Isagenix culture, and we can’t think of a more deserving winner! [...]

Power duo paving the way for women to build businesses!

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Jemma and Lara are proving that teamwork is the way to succeed with an Isagenix business! Despite both living hectic lives, they’ve both just rank advanced to Crystal Director. They are now paving the way for other women to build businesses in the pockets of their lives, and they’re just getting started! What attracted you to Isagenix?   Lara: I loved the products so I started sharing them with my friends and family, and I started building a business very casually. The moment it changed was at Celebration because after hearing success stories and learning more about the business, I finally realized how much potential there is with Isagenix! We both started building intentionally from there. Jemma: I joined because [...]

Spirit of Isagenix nominations now open!

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Award season is upon us and we can't wait to recognise some of our most passionate and influential leaders at the Gala Awards. In order to do this, we need your help! If you know someone who exemplifies the Spirit of Isagenix and is dedicated to the Isagenix mission statement and culture, please submit your nomination along with some words about why you are nominating this person for this special voters choice award! Nominate the person you know and admire! The Spirit of Isagenix award is one of our most honourable awards - and it is chosen by YOU! Based on what you write in your submissions, the best nominations will earn a spot as a Top 3 finalist for [...]

Meet the Isagenix DSA Stars Award finalists!

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We’re so excited to announce that four Isagenix Associates have been chosen as finalists in the 2019 DSA Stars Awards which recognises the best Direct Sellers in our industry! From Young Direct Seller to the best Mumpreneur, there are seven award categories and the judges have narrowed it down to just four finalists in each, so it’s amazing to see so many names from Isagenix! Each finalist below was nominated by a member of the Isagenix corporate team for their consistent hard work this year, putting in effort to grow their business and seeing real results – we wish all of our finalists the best of luck! Gemma Williams: Direct Selling Rising Star Gemma accelerated to a Director in her [...]

Busy teacher gains financial flexibility with Isagenix

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IsaBody finalist, Matt Dockers, was struggling financially no matter how hard he worked as a teacher, so he turned to Isagenix to earn money on the side that would reflect his performance. He started teaching others how to build their businesses too, which has grown his team so much that he’s just become a Crystal Executive! How did you go from an IsaBody finalist to a business builder?  Whilst doing IsaBody, I had a very visible transformation. I shredded a lot of weight, and just from posting my journey on social media I became a bit of a product sharer. I then went travelling for 4 months and I was sat on a beach in very remote places, yet every [...]

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