Meet our 2022 Round 3 IsaBody Honourable Mentions

By |December 5th, 2022|IsaBody|

The final round of our 2022 IsaBody Challenge has been decided! The Finalists and Honourable Mentions for our 3rd and final round for this year have been chosen and we can’t wait to share their incredible results with you. Read on for some serious inspiration and meet our Round 3 IsaBody Honourable Mentions! Helen Turner Helen Turner has been a consistent IsaBody Challenger since joining Isagenix in 2017, having completed the challenge 11 times before. But this time was different and probably her most important yet. After losing her brother very suddenly in February 2022, Helen slipped into unhealthy habits to help her cope. “During the weeks after losing my brother Andrew, I fell into some very bad habits. I [...]

Meet our 2022 Round 2 IsaBody Honourable Mentions

By |October 11th, 2022|Featured IsaBody, IsaBody|

Round 2 of our 2022 IsaBody Challenge has closed and we’re excited to announce our Honourable Mentions. These four inspirational stories will be all the motivation you need to get started with your own IsaBody journey. Lara Hall-Bryce Following her second pregnancy, Lara gained 4 stone and was lacking confidence and generally felt unhealthy. Like many of us, she had also fallen into the trap of gaining weight in lockdown and just couldn’t snap out of the poor habits she had developed. She decided enough was enough and turned to Isagenix. “I got back into using the Isagenix system in May 2021 and worked hard to lose the 4 stone I had gained. I started to exercise again, started to [...]

Meet our Round 2 IsaBody Finalists!

By |October 10th, 2022|Featured IsaBody, IsaBody|

Our Round 2 IsaBody Finalists have been chosen. It’s time for you to meet these three inspirational people who’ve made the cut and are in with a chance of becoming the European IsaBody Grand Prize Winner, winning £5000/€5500 on top of their £1000/€1100 prize for being an IsaBody Finalist! Marco Cairo Marco started with Isagenix when Zija joined the Isagenix family. He had been following the success of Isagenix for many years and was excited for the potential of the Isagenix and how it could help him expand his business. “I could see the products and the compensation plan were fantastic so for me this was really great news.” "I immediately had big goals for how I could help Isagenix [...]

Congratulations to our Round 1 IsaBody Finalists!

By |August 26th, 2022|Featured IsaBody, IsaBody|

Lee Barrow It wasn’t my intention to start Isagenix, I just went with my wife to an Isagenix event to support her, but after two months of seeing her transformation, I had to give it a go! I used to be a professional footballer for Nottingham County and Torquay, so when I retired, it was a difficult transition from having fitness at the heart of my job that I loved, to monotonous gym sessions and running. It was so hard to keep that motivation up, and I got up to 18 stone.   Isagenix helped me get back to fitness because quite simply it was so easy –I just have my IsaLean Shake in the morning before work, a shake [...]

Meet the Round 3 IsaBody Finalists for 2021

By |December 14th, 2021|Featured IsaBody, IsaBody|

We’ve officially named our nine Finalists of 2021! Meet the three inspirational people who’ve made the cut and are in with a chance of becoming the European IsaBody Grand Prize Winner, winning £5000/€5500 on top of their £1000/€1100 prize for being a Finalist! Michaela Riedlsperger I felt extremely uncomfortable in my body after my two pregnancies, through which I not only gained my two wonderful children but also gained 20 kilograms in weight. My old jeans didn't fit any more and I couldn’t believe it was me when I saw photos of myself. My mum told me that she was starting with Isagenix and wondered whether I would join her because lifestyle changes are always easier if you’re doing it [...]

Who will be our 2020 IsaBody Europe Grand Prize Winner?

By |April 9th, 2021|Featured IsaBody|

These 2020 IsaBody Finalists are all the inspiration you need for your wellness journey. Just like everyone else, they’ve dealt with gyms being closed and life being paused but they’ve shown that achieving your goals is possible no matter what life throws at you (and 2020 sure threw a LOT as us right!?). Before we announce the IsaBody Europe Grand Prize Winner on 21 April at our Wellbeing Hour event, let’s recap on what each of our finalists has to say about their IsaBody Challenge journey so far. 2020 IsaBody Round 1 finalists Matt Spencer (United Kingdom) After some huge life changes, Matt felt like he was just plodding through [...]

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