Congratulations to our Round 1 IsaBody Finalists!

August 26, 2022,


Lee Barrow

It wasn’t my intention to start Isagenix, I just went with my wife to an Isagenix event to support her, but after two months of seeing her transformation, I had to give it a go! I used to be a professional footballer for Nottingham County and Torquay, so when I retired, it was a difficult transition from having fitness at the heart of my job that I loved, to monotonous gym sessions and running. It was so hard to keep that motivation up, and I got up to 18 stone.  

Isagenix helped me get back to fitness because quite simply it was so easy –I just have my IsaLean Shake in the morning before work, a shake after finishing work in the afternoon, and then enjoy my evening meal with family. I also signed up with a Personal Trainer who concentrated on creating definition in my physique with a mixture of weights and HIIT workouts. It took me out of my comfort zone which was so worth it because I’m really pleased with the results. I can see a difference in my shape, strength and stamina and I lost 3.5 stone in a year which I’ve maintained.  

I still have my shakes every day and I love the performance products, especially AMPED Post-Workout which is so refreshing after a hard gym session. Because of my job as a postman, I walk 14 miles a day, so I can really feel the difference in my muscles the next day after using the AMPED Post-Workout. I’ll use the products for the rest of my life. 

My advice to anyone else is to just stick with it and stay consistent! It’s the easiest system to follow, it keeps you full and you’re still able to have balance and enjoy social dinners, Sunday lunches and holidays.  

The IsaBody Challenge in particular gives you extra motivation and pushes you – this is now my fifth challenge. My results have been amazing, I’ve met so many people through Isagenix and it’s such a positive environment seeing not only your transformation, but theirs too! 


Manuela Lapucci

I’ve always been a person who looks after my health, but when I turned 50 I wanted to really focus on it, so I decided to start using Isagenix and got myself a personal trainer. After starting in May last year, I’ve reached a new level of fitness!  

My goal was performance based and I’ve increased my lean mass, gained strength and energy and continued to improve with every workout! It’s so hard to choose a favourite product because I love them all. I know exactly what’s going into my body and it gives me the right nutrition and protein.  

IsaLean Shakes taste amazing and I even add scoops into yoghurts and gelato for a protein boost. That’s what’s so great about this new lifestyle – I can enjoy ice cream and snacks, and work my Isagenix plan around it. I also use the AMPED Nitro pre-workout which has really taken my exercise up a gear, especially with my personal training sessions. Not only do I love the performance products, but I will keep using Collagen Elixir for as long as Isagenix keep making it! For me, it’s the perfect combination of health from the inside out. 

I am officially in love with the products and the healthy lifestyle! It doesn’t stop with me, and I will keep sharing it for a long time. It’s great being able to give advice to other people who want to know my secret, and it just creates this circle of wellness and results.  


Peter Klar 

In September my son announced he was getting married, and it spurred both my wife and I to start taking care of our health! I was skeptical because I have tried so many times to lose weight before, but Isagenix was so easy to follow and I’m still maintaining my results! 

I started at the beginning of November last year, and by 20 February this year, I lost a total of 20.2kg! I’m so surprised at how easy it is to do Cleanse Days, because they were my biggest concern before starting! I’d already tried a different system of intermittent fasting without eating for eight hours, but I was hungry constantly and I had a headache. But with Nourish for Life and the snacks throughout the day, it completely changed my experience of intermittent fasting.  

I have so much more energy now – I had always been sporty and was a good tennis player, but because I was heavier, I wasn’t able to be as active as I wanted to. Last year I tried to play tennis once a month and I had so much pain in my joints – now I run almost every day and plays tennis two or three times a week. I feel younger!  

Ten years ago, I tried to lose weight with a different system that focused on metabolic balance which meant cooking complex meals and having a strict schedule. It didn’t fit around my life, and even though I did lose weight, unsurprisingly I gained the weight again because it was so complicated.  

Isagenix is different because it is so easy to follow, and I only have to prepare one meal a day. My advice to anyone else is to trust in yourself and this system. I have tried so many diets before, and trust me when I say that Isagenix is a complete lifestyle change – make the switch in your mind to go for it!   


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