Meet the Round 3 IsaBody Finalists for 2021

We’ve officially named our nine Finalists of 2021! Meet the three inspirational people who’ve made the cut and are in with a chance of becoming the European IsaBody Grand Prize Winner, winning £5000/€5500 on top of their £1000/€1100 prize for being a Finalist! Michaela Riedlsperger I felt extremely uncomfortable in my body after my two [...]

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Meet our 2021 IsaBody Round 2 Finalists

David Finnigan Netherlands I work in Aviation which means most of the time I’m away from my family, so when I’m home, I want to be the dad who has the energy to spring into action whenever my two young boys say so. However, my boys knew that they had to wait for me [...]

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Meet our 2021 IsaBody Round 1 Finalists!

It's been another 16 weeks of transformations, inspiring stories and lifechanging results. Get to know the three Finalists who were chosen as having the top transformations out of the whole round. Pretty impressive stuff! Lukas I'm 34 and I can honestly say I went on my first diet when I was 14. I've always been [...]

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Meet your IsaBody Round 3 Finalists

Ramon  After trying every diet under the sun, Ramon was looking for a sustainable lifestyle change. He’s been using Zija products for years, and after they joined up with Isagenix, he started seeing some amazing results from people using Isagenix products, so he decided to take the plunge. He never expected to get to this [...]

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Congratulations to our Round 3 Honourable Mentions!

Alessia Gironi For years Alessia followed her friends Isagenix journey from a far and wanted to start her own. Within days of Isagenix opening in Italy, she ordered her Ultimate Pack, signed up to her first IsaBody Challenge and she’s never looked back. After just one month, with a lot of passion and dedication, Alessia [...]

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Congratulations to our Round 2 Honourable Mentions!

Julie Carr  Julie never thought she’d be in the running for IsaBody because she didn’t have lots of weight to lose, but little did she know we were so inspired by her overall transformation! She’s found something that helps her feel happier and healthier and works for her long term, so if that’s not a [...]

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Meet your Round 2 IsaBody Finalists!

Gil Verstraeten At first Gil had his doubts about starting Isagenix even though his friend had great results, but after he received a second recommendation from his trusted Personal Trainer, he needed to see what all the hype was about. After two weeks, he felt different, after six weeks, he felt in the best shape [...]

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