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Meet your 2019 Round 1 Europe IsaBody Challenge Finalists!

By |June 24th, 2019|IsaBody|

At Isagenix, we LOVE the IsaBody Challenge® because it allows us the privilege of watching participants transform their bodies and their lives through a 16-week journey. That’s truly amazing! Now, it’s time to do one of the things we love most — announce our latest finalists. Everyone who participated in this Challenge had an incredible transformation, so as always, choosing our finalists was a challenge in and of itself. After much deliberation, our Europe IsaBody™ Finalists have been chosen. Each will receive £1,000/€1,100, a personal photoshoot and the chance to compete for the Grand Prize award. Erika Ampuero Gomez Age: 42 Height: 1.69m / 5’5’’ Location: Spain Weight loss: 20.5 lbs / 9.3 kg* Number of Challenges: 1 Solutions Used:  Weight Management Erika, [...]

New Energy And Confidence – What The IsaBody Challenge® Has Done For Finalist Donnacadha Lynch

By |March 8th, 2019|IsaBody|

Weight Loss During Challenge: – 79.21 lb / – 36 kg* Total Challenges Completed: 1 Solutions Utilised: Weight Management From a young age, Donnacadha Lynch thought of himself as the big kid. Even though he was always active, he had a bad relationship with food which only got worse as the years went on. “It was a vicious cycle that seemed impossible to break, and I ended up in a bad place, physically and mentally.” He tried numerous diets, but just couldn’t find anything that worked for him. He needed was a new outlook and a fresh start. Finding his confidence Things drastically changed for Donnacadha after having a motorbike accident in December 2017. “I was lucky to walk away [...]

Hier zijn de finalisten voor beoordelingsperiode 3 van de IsaBody Challenge 2018!

By |January 5th, 2019|Uncategorized|

De IsaBody Challenge® biedt mensen in onze Europese markten de mogelijkheid te veranderen en een totale transformatie te ondergaan. Voor elke ronde melden honderden mensen zich aan, vastbesloten hun leven te transformeren en hun doelen te bereikend. Onze drie finalisten krijgen ieder een bedrag van € 1100, een professionele fotoshoot en tevens de mogelijkheid om mee te dingen naar de Europese hoofdprijs voor de IsaBody Challenge 2018! Hieronder stellen onze finalisten voor ronde 3 van de Challenge 2018 zich aan je voor. Milda Latakaite Leeftijd: 32 Lengte:  1,66 Locatie: België Startgewicht Challenge:  102,5 kg* Eindgewicht Challenge: 80,2 kg* Behoudgewicht Challenge: 77,5 kg* Totaal gewichtsverlies:  -25 kg* Totaal aantal Challenges voltooid: 1 Gebruikte oplossingen: Gewichtsbeheersing Jarenlang had Milda Latakaite het idee dat het leven langs haar [...]

Here are our 2018 Round 2 Finalists for IsaBody Challenge!

By |October 22nd, 2018|Featured IsaBody, IsaBody|

We’ve seen thousands of you commit to a total-lifestyle transformation with the IsaBody Challenge ®. We’re so excited to share the stories of those people who went above and beyond to transform their body and their lifestyle with Isagenix! Each of these amazing finalists will receive £1,000/€1,100, a professional photoshoot as well as the chance to compete for the 2018 IsaBody Challenge European Grand Prize award! Toby Giles Age: 38 Height: 1.76 / 5’9’' Location: Salisbury, United Kingdom Challenge Start Weight: 218.7 lb / 99.4 kg* Challenge End Weight: 196.48 lb / 89.3 kg* Weight Loss During Challenge: - 22.22 lb / - 10.1 kg* Total Challenges Completed: 1 Solutions Utilised: Weight Management The last few months of 2017 were the worst of Toby’s life. After [...]

2018 Round 1 IsaBody Finalists Revealed

By |July 24th, 2018|Featured IsaBody, IsaBody|

Congratulations to everyone who committed to 16 weeks of a total-lifestyle transformation. Completing the IsaBody Challenge® takes hard work and dedication and we are excited to announce our 2018 European IsaBody™ Finalists for Judging Period 1. Each of these amazing finalists will receive £1,000/€1,100, a professional photoshoot as well as the chance to compete for the 2018 European Grand Prize Award. Meet your 2018 Judging Period 1 IsaBody Challenge finalists! Judith Peereboom Age: 45 Height: 1.74 / 5’7’’ Location: Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands Challenge Start Weight: 198.02 lbs / 90 kg Challenge End Weight: 178.22 lbs / 81 kg Weight Loss During Challenge: 19.8 lbs / 9 kg * Total Challenges Completed: 1 When Judith connected with her friends Esther and [...]

IsaBody Challenge Finalists 2017!

By |December 15th, 2017|Featured Home, Featured IsaBody, IsaBody|

We’ve approached the end of an inspiring IsaBody Challenge®, and this judging period uncovered some remarkable finalists! These individuals dedicated 16 weeks to their transformation, and their hard work has paid off! Each of these IsaBody™ Finalists will receive £1,000, a personal photoshoot and a chance to compete for the Grand prize. Meet your IsaBody Challenge Finalists 2017! Name: Jonathan Bridges Age: 46 Height: 1.78m Total Weight Loss: 37 kg/80 lbs* Number of Challenges: 1 Location: Merseyside, UK After suffering a series of personal tragedies and the breakdown of his marriage, Jonathan had started to experience a lifestyle built around comfort eating, as a result he constantly felt overweight. He felt self-conscious and avoided shopping for clothes. Then after being introduced to [...]

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