“You don’t realise the amazing journey you’re on until you’re standing there with a brand new body.”

Finalist Lisa Vlasak noticed real changes in her body after being on medication, she gained 20kg in weight and didn’t recognise herself in the mirror. After she stopped the medication, her weight continued to fluctuate, despite exercising regularly. It was only after chatting to her Personal Trainer that she was introduced to Isagenix and the [...]

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“Thanks to the IsaBody Challenge®, I’m back to being a fun, energetic mother and wife!”

Finalist Danielle Stet says she’d always see amazing transformations from Isagenix on her Facebook page but was reluctant to give it a go, “I can do it by myself, I thought. I’m very sporty so I said I’ll run further or go on the bicycle some more. But truthfully, that wasn’t working for me anymore.” [...]

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“My children tell me they’re proud of me and love that I have so much energy now!”

Aleksandra was enrolled as Magda Skibicka’s first ever client for an IsaBody Challenge®. After giving it her all for 16 weeks, she lost 9.52kg/21lbs and never dreamed of making it as a Round 1 2023 Finalist. “I still can’t believe I’m a Finalist,” she shares. “I tried my best and really pushed myself, it wasn’t [...]

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