Finalist Lisa Vlasak noticed real changes in her body after being on medication, she gained 20kg in weight and didn’t recognise herself in the mirror. After she stopped the medication, her weight continued to fluctuate, despite exercising regularly. It was only after chatting to her Personal Trainer that she was introduced to Isagenix and the IsaBody Challenge®. Something which Lisa shares, ‘has simply changed my life’.

“I bumped into my PT and noticed she had done something to her body – it got me intrigued and so I decided to ask her. She explained that through Isagenix she gave herself the right nutrition, an increased amount of protein and cleansed with nutritional support. She explained to me that her body had the energy at a cellular level clear out the toxins and lose body fat. I said ‘I have to try this, I have nothing to lose.’”

After the 16 weeks, Lisa lost 12kg/26lbs and has since maintained her incredible results. She says, “I found the challenge really easy as it fits around my lifestyle. I have two shakes per day and still eat dinner with my family, something that’s really important to me. It’s important for me not to count calories, I simply just eat until I’m full and set a good example to my children.”

Nootropic Elixir™ and Ionix® Supreme make up some of Lisa’s favourite products, both of which help her to focus and be the best version of herself, “When I do a double Cleanse Day, I have a Nootropic on the second day and find that it really helps clear my mind. I also take Ionix Supreme every day and that helps me to get a better handle on my day. I used to have so much energy for other people, but never myself and that really has been a big change. I’ve even got my husband onto it now too!”

“I really noticed a difference in the amount of energy I have. When working out, I jump higher and I recover quicker – it’s fantastic!”

Finding out she was a Finalist was a huge shock, Lisa says, “’Why me?’ I thought, There are so many people with incredible results. I was just so happy and so grateful to be chosen. Isagenix has been life changing for me. I’d look in the mirror and see a version of myself I didn’t recognise, but had to accept. Now, I finally look like me again.”

“My advice to anyone taking part in the IsaBody Challenge is to take the photos and don’t delete them, no matter how much you hate looking at them! I did this too – but you don’t realise the amazing journey that you’re on until the 16 weeks finishes and you’re standing there with a brand new body. More importantly, it’s how you’ll feel inside. People ask me how long I’ll do this for… my response is always ‘I will do this for a lifetime because why stop when you feel so great?’”

Are you up for the challenge? There’s never been a better time to commit to 16-weeks of transforming your health, fitness, and overall wellness goals. Sign up here today!