Finalist Danielle Stet says she’d always see amazing transformations from Isagenix on her Facebook page but was reluctant to give it a go, “I can do it by myself, I thought. I’m very sporty so I said I’ll run further or go on the bicycle some more. But truthfully, that wasn’t working for me anymore.”

In February 2022, Danielle felt a pain in her breast. Things progressed quickly and just two months later she was sent for surgery to have a prosthesis. Naturally, this sudden stress and tension, followed by being on bed rest after her operation, caused Danielle to gain some weight. “I just wasn’t comfortable in my skin. As a family we decided to go on vacation that Summer and I saw a photo of myself in a bikini. I thought ‘No no no, that can’t be me!’ Then I thought, ‘Hey I know someone on Facebook and contacted her immediately!”

“I was very strict in my first month; two IsaLean™ shakes per day and dinner. I also do one Cleanse Day every Monday, it’s the perfect reset. I know that if I have some wine or some pizza on the weekend, I can get straight back to it. It helps me make better choices for the rest of the week.”

“I am incredibly grateful that Isagenix came my way, I have my life back. People can see it in me, I am radiant again, I feel 10 years younger and I am going to help many more people to be radiant too!”

Fast forward to now and Danielle has lost 9kg/19.8lbs and feels better than ever. “I was on the beach for the last few weeks in a new bikini, I was very happy. Normally I would think ‘Oh I need to tuck in my belly and look more skinny’ but I don’t have that any more. I thought these products would help me lose weight but so much more wonderful things have happened beyond that.”

As if that wasn’t enough, Danielle’s results have inspired many others. So much so that she’s been able to turn her experience into a business. One month into her IsaBody journey and Danielle decided to post her progress photos on social media. She says her phone ‘exploded’. “Everyone was saying ‘What have you done? I want this too!’ and so I decided to contact Ela Grooteman and she suggested organising an event at my house. One night turned into three and without knowing it I had started sharing Isagenix. I had 12 customers within a few weeks. That’s 12 people that I was able to make happy with these great products!”

“I am so honoured to be a Finalist for Round 1 2023,” she concludes. “I am back to being a fun, energetic mother and wife again, who can finally say she is proud of herself.”

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