2020 Gala Award Winners!

March 24, 2020,


We’ve just announced the winners of our yearlong recognition programmes which reward those who have been working at the top of their game to build their Isagenix business between 28 January 2019 – 26 January 2020. It’s not just about top earners – we’re recognizing our Associates who embody the Isagenix vision, those who drive the most momentum and who are accelerating Isagenix’s growth! Check out all our inspiring winners below!

Spirit of Isagenix

This voter’s choice award is given to one Associate who exemplifies the Isagenix mission statement and culture in Europe. Heather Atkinson had the highest number of nominations from the field about how she embodies the Isagenix culture, and we can’t think of a more deserving winner! Here are just some of her nominations below.

“Whether in Australia or the UK, Heather has stepped up and supported her own team, my team and anyone in Isagenix. She embodies all that the Spirit of Isagenix is. We are lucky to have her!”

“She goes above and beyond for everyone in Isagenix, whether they are financially linked to her or not. She spent some time with me in December when she knew I was having a rough patch, and she just always has time for me, no matter what it is. Isagenix needs more Heathers!”

Award recipient: Heather Atkinson

Top Achievers

To become a Top Achiever, Associates must earn a minimum of $65,000 between 25 February to December 2019. The best thing about this award? The top five will be rewarded with exceptional training, relaxation and fun at the Fairmont Chateau in Whistler, Canada!

Award recipient:

  1. Michael Bockaert
  2. Lara & Brycey
  3. Judith Peereboom
  4. Carly Hewitt & Steve Pater
  5. Sophie & Dominique

Rising Star

The sky is the limit at Isagenix. We want to keep rewarding our team even after they reach Executive, so Rising Star is for those who rank advance at least two times between 1 and 5-Star Golden Circle.

Award recipient: Michael Bockaert

Isagenix Legacy Club Members

This coveted group gives recognition to Isagenix Legacy Club Millionaires – Associates who have built a thriving business to cumulatively earn $1 million USD or more with Isagenix.

Award recipient: Heather Atkinson

Top 3 START Incomer Earners

Exclusively for our young entrepreneurs, this award champions our top three income earners aged 18-35 who are driving Isagenix in the European markets.

Award recipient:

  1. Lara & Brycey
  2. Carly Hewitt & Steve Pater
  3. Sophie & Dominique

Top 5 Momentum

The hint’s in the name – Top Momentum recognises five Associates within Europe who have driven the largest net increase across their 4-Level Personally Enrolled Team.

Award recipient:

  1. Michael Bockaert
  2. Esther & Tom
  3. Gema Collado Alcala
  4. Adele Schmidt
  5. Terrianne Takulua

Most Consultants created

This award recognises the top five Associates in the European market who have created the most Consultants during the qualification period.

Award recipient:

  1. Michael Bockaert
  2. Lara & Brycey
  3. Dominique
  4. Eveline Bauwens
  5. Michelle Stevens

Top 20 Income Earners

This award is a way to recognise our Top 20 Income Earners who are spearheading our growth and championing Isagenix across Europe.

Award recipient:

  1. Heather Atkinson
  2. Michael Bockaert
  3. Lara & Brycey
  4. Judith Peereboom
  5. Carly Hewitt & Steve Pater
  6. Sophie & Dominique
  7. Emma Poli
  8. Michelle Stevens
  9. Sue Alexander
  10. Adele Schmidt
  11. Esther & Tom
  12. Helen Turner
  13. Tom Barendregt
  14. Pieta & Duncan McCrum
  15. Eveline Bauwens
  16. Steve Darlington
  17. Yolanda Nieto Galera
  18. Enzo ‘Enz’
  19. Rocio Gomez Enriquez
  20. Sigrid van der Marel-Sluijter

$25k, $50K, $75K, $100K, $150K, $250K Cumulative Earnings Club

250K Cumulative Earnings Club

Carly Hewitt & Steve Pater

150K Cumulative Earnings Club

Lara & Brycey, Michael Bockaert, Emma Poli

100K Cumulative Earnings Club

Victoria McEwan, Sue Alexander, Judith Peereboom, Michelle Stevens

75K Cumulative Earnings Club

Helen Turner

50K Cumulative Earnings Club

Pieta & Duncan McCrum, Esther & Tom, Edward & Lisa Arterton, Adele Schmidt

25K Cumulative Earnings Club

Sophie & Dominique, Steve Darlington, Tom Barendregt, Liz & Bailey, Mark Colbourne MBE, Terrianne Takulua, Enzo ‘Enz’, Christina Burbridge, Sigrid van der Marel-Sluijter, Vicky Spellacy, Eveline Bauwens, Rocio Gomez Enriquez, Linzi Watts, Danny & Emma, Yolanda Nieto Galera, Elaine Ash.

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