Key takeaways from UIA

What a weekend! We covered a LOT over just two days, from learning how to talk to new customers, share our compensation plan, push through boundaries in our own lives and ultimately build a business. We asked people in the room to share their biggest takeaways from the weekend and compiled our favourites here, so [...]

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Everything you need to know about UIA

It’s just two weeks until UIA hits the Netherlands for the first time, and three weeks until it comes to Manchester, so here’s the lowdown of the event so you can get prepared for the big weekend! Getting there Rotterdam (6 - 8 September) The event will be held at Hotel Novotel Rotterdam Brainpark, K.P. [...]

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Get your Early Bird tickets for UIA now

University in Action is back, and this time we’re seeing double – the main event for growing your Isagenix business will be held over two September weekends in Rotterdam and Manchester! Not sure what to expect? Well, UIA is not a sit down and listen event. Our host David T.S Wood is our very own [...]

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Build Your Belief at University in Action in London and Birmingham!

University in Action (UIA) is a Core 4 Event focused on teaching new and seasoned Associates the building blocks needed to pave the way to personal and professional success. Network marketing experts like David T.S. Wood and other Isagenix top leaders will guide you and your fellow Isagenix Associates through a few days of learning, [...]

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If you're up to date on the latest Isagenix news, you'll know about the super exciting business events we have coming up in the next few months, including IsaU and UIAs. Both of these events are geared towards helping to increase your Isagenix knowledge and propel your business to new heights. Is one event more important than the [...]

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Get Your UIA Ticket Before They’re Gone!

When it comes to business training, it doesn't get much better than David T.S. Wood. Recognised as one of the world’s leading personal development trainers, David will deliver world-class training at two UIA events in London and Birmingham this December, to help reignite your self-belief, realign your objectives and redefine your individuality. It's time to advance your knowledge of [...]

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Grand Opening – Day 2 Recap

The final day of the UK Grand Opening weekend has come to a close, and we can't quite believe it's all over! We opened today's show with an amazing performance from the Flawless dance troupe which raised the roof and got the entire crowd excited for the day ahead. From there, our fantastic speakers and [...]

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How To Buy Your Event Ticket At The Grand Opening!

The upcoming UIA and IsaU events are coming up fast, and we want to see you there! If you're at the UK Grand Opening this weekend, you can make the most of incredible exclusive discounts on these event tickets - so what are you waiting for?! Follow the guide below to buy your tickets in [...]

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Get Your Event Tickets Before They’re Gone!

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Be the first to hear the information being shared and experience all the amazing training available to you by attending Isagenix events. Whether you’re new to the Isagenix opportunity or a seasoned business builder, these events offer valuable training to help launch or grow your business. Remember: [...]

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