Learn how this top 10 UK income earner built her business

By |September 12th, 2019|Business Building, Recognition|

After going to a Network Marketing event in the USA in 2016, Michelle connected with so many people that all happened to be from the same company – Isagenix! She loved the products, community and business so much that when it landed in the UK she got started straight away, and now she’s become a Crystal Executive and made Isagenix her sole income! How did you grow your team at the start? I utilised the fantastic Isagenix training resources, which taught me how to connect with customers effectively. My team also showed me how they marketed themselves, so I learnt from that and developed my own style. I gave myself a goal to support single mums who are struggling financially [...]

From struggling Dad to positive Pakken

By |August 29th, 2019|IsaBody|

Before IsaBody, Pakken was in a difficult place juggling a full-time university course, a new born baby and financial struggles, so he turned to IsaBody to put his health first. He then also started an Isagenix business to turn his income around!* Hear how IsaBody has completely changed his health and life! Why did you decide to join IsaBody? I was moving from emergency accommodation to sleeping in my van and staying on my friend’s sofa, so my health and mental state was at an all-time low. Even under the circumstances I was determined to be the best version of myself, so that’s why I enrolled into the IsaBody Challenge in April. Tell us about your experience using Isagenix products [...]

Meet our IsaBody Grand Prize Winners!

By |August 6th, 2019|IsaBody|

This week, just one IsaBody Grand Prize Winner from across the world will be crowned the first ever Global IsaBody Grand Prize Winner by Jim and Kathy Coover at Celebration in Nashville to win a huge $50,000 USD! Australia IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner Thomas Philbin-Malucelli  Sydney, Australia  Age: 32 Height: 6’2” Total Weight Gain: 8.6 kgs of lean muscle Challenges Completed: 6 As a burned-out restaurant manager, Thomas was working long hours and late nights and felt like his life was falling apart. He was losing his health, his relationship and his self-confidence. He wanted to make a change, but the negative environment and people he surrounded himself with left him feeling stuck … until he found the IsaBody [...]

How Erika’s family life changed for the better with Isagenix

By |July 26th, 2019|IsaBody|

At 42 years old, Erika found herself simply going through the motions of a part-time job, kids, housework, sleep, repeat. She was tired, unmotivated, unhappy in her own skin and was tired of dieting. She’d faced a hard time after pregnancy, suffering feelings of tiredness, low mood, her weight constantly fluctuated, and she was unable to do sports for two years – even though she was destined to become a professional dancer before she started a family. Then her whole world changed as her doctor had to make the heartbreaking decision to resign her from work. At only 40 years old, she felt demoralised and couldn’t deal with the thought of her two children at 8 and 11 years old [...]

Learning how to smile again with IsaBody™

By |July 11th, 2019|IsaBody|

Prior to smashing the IsaBody Challenge® and becoming a finalist, Julie Cartwright’s outlook on life was drastically different. At 53 years old, she said she felt worthless, unable to focus and believed she attracted the wrong people into her life that didn’t push her forward, but put her down. On top of sleep deprivation, lacking appetite and zero energy, she was completely uninspired in her job, which left her feeling constantly irritated with a short fuse for loved ones. “I felt I was trapped in a body and mind I didn’t recognise. I couldn’t find a way forward.” Julie wanted help but wasn’t quite sure how to tackle the change, so the turning point was going on holiday with her [...]

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