Sophie Locke has just been named the IsaBody Grand Prize Winner across Europe! Her story isn’t one just about weight loss, but about a whole life transformation. Having gone from a dark place after the birth of her second child and suffering with post-natal depression, Sophie gave her life an overhaul, starting with daily walks that turned into a half marathon, attending therapy and completely changing her diet. Putting her physical health at the forefront has had a huge impact on her happiness!

When I set out on my Isagenix Europe journey in February 2021, I never expected to become one of the nine Isagenix Finalists, never mind the Grand Prize Winner for the whole of Europe. But, here I am with champagne and a comedy size cheque of £5,000. I’m in shock!

When I first entered IsaBody, I was doing it for me because I needed to do something about my declining mental health which was slowly tearing my family apart. I was suffering from post-natal depression and comfort eating to help get through the day. My son suffered from an undiagnosed milk intolerance that caused him to cry uncontrollably for nearly seven months. The noise, stress and situation caused me to really suffer.

On New Year’s Eve 2020 I decided I’d make 2021 a year of healing, so I started using Isagenix products and entered the IsaBody Challenge to start my own 16 week transformation.

Alongside using the delicious products and easy-to-follow plan, I started walking which quickly turned into running. Each time I went running, I felt the weight of the world melt away – spending quiet time in the fresh air allowed me to calm the busy thoughts in my head and work through strong emotions. Running has definitely become my therapy! I also started strength sessions which I continue to do a year on. I lost weight, got fitter and drastically improved my mental health.

You can’t take a photo of my mental change – I never expected this Challenge to have such an impact on my mental health, and it’s the part that I am most proud of and grateful for. Because of my determination to do well in the Challenge, it kept me accountable to go running, which I believe played the biggest part in my mental health transformation.

After the first challenge I was a different person! I now hardly recognise myself. I am happy, energised, and more determined than ever to continue on my healing journey.

I’ve finished my second challenge and I can’t believe the change in me in such a short space of time. That decision I took 32 weeks ago undoubtedly changed my life.

I am so amazed to have my transformation recognised and stunned at how many people I inspired along the way! I was just on my own journey and I’m so grateful that others chose to tag along for the ride and to support me. This Challenge not only recognises the physical change but the mental change too, and those that follow me and know my story will know that I am a completely different person to the one I was when I first started using Isagenix products in 2021. I wonder what the rest will bring and just how far I can go!

Feeling inspired by her incredible transformational story?

If you’d like to start your own Challenge and be in with a chance of becoming one of our Finalists or even our next Grand Prize Winner, you can sign up through your Back Office or the IsaLife App. It’s free to enter and you receive a £150/€165 product coupon just for successfully completing the challenge!