Experience Isagenix on Thursday Evenings

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Our Experience Isagenix events are a great way to introduce our no-compromise on quality products, business building opportunities, and ways to build sustainable success. We are pleased to announce this month that we have extended our weekly Experience Isagenix Zoom calls. These calls are accessible to all so invite family, friends, potential customers, and new business partners to join in on the call on Thursday evenings at 8pm BST. The more the merrier, as we want to get the word out to as many people as possible. In April we have some great speakers lined up to guide you through all things Isagenix: Si Bennett, 5 April Si is a 1-Star Golden Circle, Crystal Executive, he is also is a fitness professional and previous owner [...]

We’re Hitting the Road Again- Meet Us in Belgium!

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Get ready for yet another exciting opportunity as we expand further into Europe! Belgium will be our next market to launch in April 2018. To celebrate our Belgium opening, we’re hosting a series of roadshows events all over the country to help you share the Isagenix vision. Our first roadshows were a huge success and we’re thrilled to announce the second leg of our Belgian tour. Meet us in Antwerp, Ghent and Brussels to find out how Isagenix can help you reach your goals. Whether you’re keen to earn extra income to go on that family holiday or perhaps you’re ready lose a few extra kilos for the summer, you can achieve both with Isagenix! Plus, you and your guests [...]

Let us Introduce the IsaU London Speakers and Trainers

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We have previously revealed three of the Keynote Speakers that will be joining our Co-Founders Jim and Kathy Coover at IsaU London, Shannon Fisher, Adam Nesbitt and Bianca Bathurst. Now we are pleased to present the whole line up of excellent Keynote Speakers and Trainers that will make sure this weekend's IsaU London is truly unforgettable!   MEET OUR KEYNOTE SPEAKERS & TRAINERS Adam Nesbitt & Bianca Bathurst 5-Star Golden Circle, 4-Star Crystal Executive Adam is a helicopter pilot who worked as a landmark introduction leader before he found Isagenix. He is a keen traveller and surfer who loves nature and has a zest for adventure. One of his biggest passions is helping others reach their full potential and to discover [...]

Let Us Introduce The IsaU Keynote Speakers!

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Tickets for the UK’s first IsaU event have been sold out for weeks, and with our incredible Co-Founders taking to the stage, it’s no surprise! Jim & Kathy Coover will be joined on stage by IsaU host Lara-Hall Bryce, as well as several fantastic speakers and UK Leaders. We are proud to introduce our IsaU London Keynote speakers 2017: Shannon Fisher Isagenix Millionaire*, 8-Star Platinum, 3-Star Crystal Executive At 26, Shannon was searching for a way to prepare financially for her dream of starting a family with her husband. As a massage therapist, she worked varying hours and was exhausted all the time. When a client introduced her to Isagenix, she jumped at the opportunity to nourish her body, boost her health, [...]

Meet Your IsaRally Prize Speakers!

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Need another reason to kick-start business-building activity and set your sights on winning the incredible IsaRally prize trip to Las Vegas? We're excited to announce the amazing global leaders that we've lined up to give the IsaRally winners an exclusive training session in Arizona during their expenses-paid* trip this August! After what's sure to be a life-changing experience at Celebration 2017 and a tour of the Isagenix global headquarters, the 20 winners will be treated to inspirational training from two leaders who will share their own stories, guidance on deciding on your 'why', plus tips to make it a reality. And if that wasn't enough, the winners will also receive hugely valuable product training from Product Education Manager, Sara Richter! Read all of their bios [...]

UK Grand Opening: Meet the Leadership Closing Panel!

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The Grand Opening is just 4 over weeks away and we’re excited to announce the following updates to the already jam-packed agenda. You can look forward to training from our keynote speakers PLUS these exciting segments… Hear from our Leadership Closing Panel Before our closing keynote from Isagenix Millionaire Lisa De Mayo, you’ll hear from not one, not two but THREE super successful leaders on our Leadership Closing Panel. These leaders really know what it takes to build an Isagenix business and they will be sharing their top tips with you at the Grand Opening. Let’s meet the panel… Cathy Savage, 11-Star Platinum, 13-Star Crystal Executive, Isagenix Millionaire As an international fitness coach, presenter, entrepreneur and Isagenix leader, Cathy knows what [...]

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