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Susan Sly on Time Management and Organizing Your Business for Success

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On Monday 15 January, Millionaire and 8-Star Platinum, 2-Star Executive, Helen Koi talked us through providing a five-star service in order to create loyal Customers. She showed us the importance of really caring for your customer. Helen told us that support is important from day one when you first begin speaking to any customer, right through to when they are experiencing their 30-day pack. She explained what she meant by ‘Re-sponsor-bility’ and how to use this as a personal and business tool. Millionaire* Mindset with Susan Sly On 22 January 17 star platinum, 21 star crystal executive, Susan Sly will walk us through Time Management and Organizing Your Business for Success. Susan Sly is a best-selling author, speaker, trainer and entrepreneur.  [...]

Kathy Coover: Achieving Your Goals in 2018

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On Monday 18 December Warren and Arlene Lance took us through Building Isagenix Culture and Community in your team. They discussed why you need to find the right people to build a strong and supportive community, and the importance of ‘igniting interest’ and building passion. They showed us the importance of showing up to events, not only to reignite your own passion but to show your team how powerful and supportive Isagenix is as larger community. Millionaire* Mindset with Kathy Coover On 8 January Isagenix Co-Founder and Executive Vice President Kathy Coover will share her extensive knowledge and experience with us, including her reasons for creating the 90-Day Action Plan. Kathy originally left her career as a dental hygienist to spend [...]

Warren & Arlene Lance on Building the Isagenix Culture & Community in Your Team

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On Monday 11 December Jackson Parr took us through the ups and downs of trying to get new members started, and how to deal with negativity and no’s. He discussed how it is always important to show people how great the product is before even starting to talk about the business side of the company. He showed us that when it is time to show your new starter what possibilities they will have access to through business networking, that they know to never stop talking, and they will therefore never stop growing their business. Millionaire* Mindset with Warren & Arlene Lance On our Zoom call on 18 December, we have Isagenix Millionaires* and 9-star Platinum, 9- star Crystal Executives Warren & [...]

Jackson Parr on Getting New Members Started.

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On Monday Ciji Siddons spoke in detail on the subject of ‘Following Up’. She will pass on the torch to the wonderful Jackson Parr who some of you may have met recently on our IsaRally trip to Iceland. Ciji spoke about the importance of respecting and discovering a potential associate’s initial goals. She showed us how giving an associate the opportunity to succeed happens by truly caring about where the associate wants to be. This knowledge of another person comes from being committed to following up and being able to ask ‘is there anything about what I do that intrigues you?’. Jackson will start where Ciji left off and talk about ‘Getting New Members started’. Ciji was going to talk about [...]

Ciji Siddons on ‘Following Up and Getting New Members Started’!

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Last Monday, 27 November, we had the fabulous Brett Davis and his wife Samantha joining our weekly Monday evening Zoom call to discuss Connecting & Presenting Isagenix. As always he enthused, inspired and informed us into taking action! Throughout the months that the 90-Day Action Plan runs, a new Isagenix leader each week will share their Isagenix journey and experiences with us. They’ll also talk us through one of the pillars of the 90-Day Action Plan that has meant the most for them, and their career. The 90-Day Action Plan is your business-building strategy for setting measurable goals and reaching them within a set period. It’s specifically designed to provide you with solid tracks to run on that will carry [...]

Debbi & Alec Munn on Developing Your Contact List

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On Monday 20 November, we have the pleasure of interviewing English native and Isagenix ANZ Top Leader Debbie Munn. Debbie will be joined on the call by husband Alec. Together their business has reached great heights, and they are Isagenix Millionaires*, 9-Star Platinum, 1-Star Crystal Executive. The couple was introduced to Isagenix by friends Jen and Jono in 2011. Since then, after a slow start and some steep learning curves, they have now built a successful business with a downline team of over 90,000. Debbie and Alec have both seen that there is a lot to be done to support people, and they are very passionate about pointing others in the direction of great health, and  helping them realise their dreams.   Who [...]

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