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Ciji Siddons on ‘Following Up and Getting New Members Started’!

By |December 1st, 2017|Featured Home|

Last Monday, 27 November, we had the fabulous Brett Davis and his wife Samantha joining our weekly Monday evening Zoom call to discuss Connecting & Presenting Isagenix. As always he enthused, inspired and informed us into taking action! Throughout the months that the 90-Day Action Plan runs, a new Isagenix leader each week will share their Isagenix journey and experiences with us. They’ll also talk us through one of the pillars of the 90-Day Action Plan that has meant the most for them, and their career. The 90-Day Action Plan is your business-building strategy for setting measurable goals and reaching them within a set period. It’s specifically designed to provide you with solid tracks to run on that will carry [...]

Delving Into the Mind & Journey of an Isagenix Millionaire

By |September 28th, 2017|Featured Home|

The 90-Day Action Plan came to an end last week, with a closing Zoom call hosted by Isagenix Millionaire* Lynn Hagedorn. In this 90-Day AP Zoom call hiatus we want to give you something special to look forward to! Every Monday in October we will explore the mind & journey of an Isagenix Millionaire*. These extraordinary people and Business Builders will share how they got started, what obstacles they had to overcome to get where they are today, as well as the turning point that led to their success. They will also be sharing the secret to their amazing achievements! 2 October 2017- Angelike Norrie Isagenix Millionaire*, 9-Star Platinum, 7-Star Executive Angelike had a thriving career in the medical device sales industry, but she hated that [...]

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