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Join Us on Zoom to Experience Isagenix

By |March 12th, 2018|Business Building|

Our Experience Isagenix events are a great way to introduce our no-compromise products, business building opportunities, and ways to build sustainable success. We are pleased to announced that we will now have weekly Experience Isagenix Zoom calls that will be accessible to all, from the comfort of your own homes. Invite family, friends, potential customers, and new business partners to join in on the call on Thursday evenings at 8pm BST. The more the merrier, as we want to get the word out to as many people as possible. In March we have some great speakers lined up to guide you through all things Isagenix: Jenni Harris, 15 March Jenni Harris is a retired Police Sergeant who lives with her husband [...]

Join our Excellent Trainers on Zoom Every Monday

By |March 8th, 2018|Business Building, Featured Home|

The 90-Day Action Plan is your business-building strategy for setting measurable goals and reaching them within a set period. It’s specifically designed to provide you with solid tracks to run on that will carry you through to success. Use it to build your knowledge, share your goals and celebrate your progress with your team, friends and family. We have some excellent trainers lined up to guide you through the 90-Day Action Plan during our Monday evening Zoom calls. This Monday, Brett Davis and Sammie Gascoigne kicked off a new 90-Day Action Plan by discussing how network marketing and Isagenix helps people to create and reach their visions. They explained how important it was to be mentally invested in your personalised goals, [...]

Business Builder Tool Guide – How to Host a Launch Party

By |March 8th, 2018|Business Building, Featured Home|

Who better to guide us through our Sales Tools than some of our top Business Builders. In a series of articles, these leaders will tell us how they use our tools, how the tools have helped them grow their business’ and why they recommend that their teams use them. In this article Stephanie McKittrick let’s us know how she uses the 'How to Host a Launch Party' PDF, and why this is so valuable to her business: I thoroughly enjoy building a network marketing business from home, on my terms and my hours, it has just given me so much freedom to live my life and spend time with my daughter. Everyone needs what we have, everyone desires freedom... it's [...]

Get Ready Belgium & Spain! Isagenix is coming 2018

By |March 3rd, 2018|Business Building, Featured Home, Featured International, International|

2017 was a remarkable year for Isagenix, there’s no doubt about that. From launching in the United Kingdom in the spring to riding that wave of momentum into Ireland and the Netherlands in the fall, we’ve established a firm foundation in Europe to set the stage for a record-breaking 2018. So, what’s next? Belgium and Spain, that’s what! We will be launching in Belgium first, with an anticipated launch date of April 23, and following that up by launching in Spain, with an anticipated launch in June. Like our other European markets, Belgium and Spain will both be managed from our European headquarters in London and feature the same great products and promotions, in addition to our Isagenix Team Compensation [...]

The Journey of a Busy Business Man

By |March 2nd, 2018|Featured Home, IsaBody|

48-year-old Doug Hardman has always been interested in sports. Whether it was indoors or outdoors, when he was growing up he was always active. This all started to change as Doug began to live his adult life and develop his career. As he moved into his thirty’s Doug’s main priority became his stressful international job. Recreational exercise wasn’t an option as he was exhausted by his endless plane journeys and business meetings. He would go from day to day making bad food choices and eating late at night, often preferring to eat conveniently rather than making choices that would benefit his body. Doug’s confidence and physical appearance had begun to suffer, his tailor-made suits all had to be let out [...]

Is Coconut Oil a Healthy Choice? We ask our Nutritionist

By |February 28th, 2018|Featured Home, Nutrition|

A few years ago, many of us hadn’t even heard of coconut oil, but now it appears everywhere we go. In recipes, health magazines, and listed as ingredients in products. Many suggestions have been made as to potential health benefits of coconut oil, but what evidence is there to support this? We posed our questions to our very own nutritionist Rebecca Haresign to find out more about coconut oil, and whether we should be including more of it in our diets. What is coconut oil? As the name suggests, coconut oil is a fat derived from coconuts. Fat is made up of fatty acids, and the structure, length and saturation of these fatty acids determines their health effects (1). Most [...]

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