Congratulations to our IsaBody Honourable Mentions!

June 19, 2020,


Meet our Round 1 IsaBody Honourable Mentions of 2020! Their transformations were chosen as some of the best in the whole IsaBody Round, and each won £500/€550 for their achievement! Check out their inspiring transformation stories below.

Rowan Frost   

Being an ex-professional rugby player, I’m used to being in good shape, but since I retired, I’ve only really trained one or two times a week. I have 3 young children a fulltime job and a busy lifestyle, so I was only just maintaining a dad bod! Without the right nutrition I was constantly feeling exhausted and relying on 5-6 strong coffees a day to keep going, but I had mood swings and felt on edge.

My good friend Reece, who I used to play professional rugby with, showed me how he’s helped so many others reach their fitness goals with Isagenix, so I decided to give it a go and signed up. I didn’t change anything in my routine except the Isagenix nutrition, and I’ve not only shed the pounds and put on lean muscle, but I feel more positive! My gym sessions have become more enjoyable because I have more energy and as I’m now lighter, I enjoy exercises that I used to despise (like pull-ups!). I am probably in better shape now than when I was playing professional rugby!

I’m 11kg lighter* which I’m finding easy to maintain, I look leaner and I’m so much happier. My family is definitely benefiting from the new me! I have now completed my 16 weeks but in reality, my journey has just begun.

Kris Van Dam

Two years ago, I was involved in a serious road accident, which left me with a broken breastbone and upon further investigations they found out that I had a heart defect which hit me like a bomb! The old me who was always so sporty was knocked aside in one fell swoop, so I stopped training and had no motivation to set any goals. The way I was going, I was heading towards 100kg.

I knew couldn’t go on like that, and fortunately I saw Michael Bockaert posting about a new nutrition programme, so I got in touch. I thought all the transformations and beautiful stories were too good to be true, but I just thought what’s the worst that could happen, so I went for it!

I achieved huge results with the system, and I started feeling great, I slept better, I had more energy and I blossomed again! I had my confidence back. Isagenix has changed my life in all areas, physically, mentally and financially. My enthusiasm for the products and the company is so great! My goal for 2020 is to inspire as many people as possible through my own transformation and to get as many people as possible towards a healthier lifestyle with Isagenix.

Tracey Cloggie

As I’ve got older, I’ve struggled with my weight and despite trying many diets, they would all leave me feeling hungry, so I would never stick to them and the weight would creep back on. My weight ballooned but I just kept buying bigger clothes, telling myself that ‘I wasn’t that big’. During our last holiday, I felt so self-conscious about my appearance and had such low confidence, that after looking back at our holiday pictures, I decided to sign up to my own IsaBody Challenge!

Within a week of starting the system, I could feel a difference. I had boundless energy, I was losing weight* and I no longer woke in the morning feeling like I had been awake all night. I’ve found it so easy to stick to the plan because the way it makes me feel is such a huge incentive to continue.

As a consequence of feeling so good, I’ve not been able to contain my enthusiasm and find myself talking to anyone and everyone. I am a changed person! I am so much calmer which has positively influenced my relationships with my family, friends and work colleagues. I have also made some lifelong friends along my journey and learnt so much about health and nutrition. I cannot thank Isagenix enough for giving me back ‘me’. I feel like I did 10 years ago, and I am forever grateful.

Brenda Gordon

I’ve been overweight for most of my life and have tried every diet there is, but I would always revert back to old eating habits – one of my biggest struggles was emotional eating. My weight kept creeping up and I was getting bigger and more unhappy as I tried to juggle everything in my life.

In 2018 I’d just had my first baby, had major financial issues, was in a tumultuous relationship and I had moved away from my work, family and friends. Then at the start of 2019, my world stopped when my mother got diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. My life was spiralling out of control and I was binge eating as a coping mechanism. I was like a machine, order on the outside, mayhem on the inside. Then it all came to a head in September 2019 and I just needed help, so I called Elaine who introduced me to Isagenix and after chatting to her I just knew things were going to change.

I found my own place with my little girl to be nearer to my mum, I escaped the unhealthy relationship I had been in and I started the Isagenix programme. Within a few weeks, the change in me was noticeable to those around me. I had my Shakes, my Greens and snacks with me wherever I went – it’s so convenient to have healthy food to rely on when I’m on the go. Even the Cleanse Days were so manageable!

Isagenix has not only helped me to lose weight and be healthier, it has helped restore my confidence and strength. When I started, I was 135 kilos, and I’ve now lost 25kg* because of the amazing products. I’m so motivated to be the best I can be health wise, not only for myself, but for my little girl and our future. Roll on IsaBody challenge number two!



*Weight loss should not be considered typical. A study showed an average weight loss of 24 pounds after 12 weeks. Participants took part in a calorie-controlled regimen of Shake Days and one Cleanse Day per week.

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