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From Tired and Miserable to the Best Shape of His Life

By |January 23rd, 2019|Recognition|

Sam Edwards was looking to make a change to his health. “I was miserable, tired and drinking too much and I was annoyed with the lack of results going to the gym. I had a belly I just couldn’t shift and was hating my job as a scaffolder which was breaking my back every day.” He was introduced to Isagenix by his friend John and quickly started to see results. “Since using the Isagenix products I’m now in the best shape of my life. My six pack is nearly in sight! Everything has changed, I’m happier, more energetic my mental clarity is amazing and I feel like a new person!” After experiencing his incredible product results, Sam grabbed the business [...]

From Product Sharers To Business Builders

By |August 24th, 2018|Business Building, Featured Home, Recognition|

Kathryn and Mark Pierce were introduced to Isagenix® through Legacy Club Member Heather Atkinson. Initially they both had their apprehensions, however they trusted Heather and decided to give the products a try as they were both keen to improve their health. Within just a few weeks they both noticed a positive difference. Soon, they were sharing Isagenix with their friends and family. Something they hadn’t set out to do initially. Before they knew it, they were earning an additional income with Isagenix and that was when the penny dropped. From simply using the products, they were now taking steps towards growing a business with Isagenix. Building the Business “In the beginning, our prime focus was to use the products and [...]

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