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Meet the Round 3 IsaBody Finalists for 2021

By |December 14th, 2021|Featured IsaBody, IsaBody, Results|

We’ve officially named our nine Finalists of 2021! Meet the three inspirational people who’ve made the cut and are in with a chance of becoming the European IsaBody Grand Prize Winner, winning £5000/€5500 on top of their £1000/€1100 prize for being a Finalist! Michaela Riedlsperger I felt extremely uncomfortable in my body after my two pregnancies, through which I not only gained my two wonderful children but also gained 20 kilograms in weight. My old jeans didn't fit any more and I couldn’t believe it was me when I saw photos of myself. My mum told me that she was starting with Isagenix and wondered whether I would join her because lifestyle changes are always easier if you’re doing it [...]

Overcoming Adversity With IsaBody Challenge® Finalist Toby Giles

By |March 8th, 2019|IsaBody|

Weight Loss During Challenge: – 22.22 lb / – 10.1 kg* Total Challenges Completed: 1 Solutions Utilised: Weight Management When Toby Giles started his Isagenix journey, he’d just experienced the worst few months of his life. After the tragic suicide of his dear friend and business partner he was forced to redirect all his energy into his business, which was feeling an impact. “I had to steer my ship into calmer waters again,” Toby says of this rocky time. On top of the emotional toll that grief was putting on him, stress and lack of sleep resulted in Toby neglecting his health. For the first time in his life, he stopped taking care of his nutrition and he lost the [...]

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