Versterk je overtuiging bij University in Action in Londen en Birmingham, VK!

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University in Action (UIA) is een Core 4 Event dat bedoeld is om de nieuwe en ervaren Associates te helpen met de stenen die nodig zijn voor de weg naar persoonlijk en professioneel succes. Experts in network marketing als David T.S. Wood en andere topmensen van Isagenix, begeleiden jou en je collega-Associates van Isagenix gedurende een paar dagen met leren, groeien en plezier. “University in Action is mijn favoriet, want voor mij voelt het echt als mouwen opstropen, vaardigheden leren, overtuiging opbouwen en je daarin onderdompelen. Met deelname aan de UIA versnel je jouw ontwikkeling en groei.” – 7-Star Golden Circle, 9-Star Crystal Executive en Isagenix Millionaire* Rob Stewart. Tijdens de UIA begeleiden trainers de Associates door de zes gebieden [...]

Build a Better Business at UIA London and Birmingham

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Get ready to grow. Whether you are new to network marketing or a longtime business owner leading your team members, University in Action in London and Birmingham, is the event for you! Led by Isagenix Strategic Training Consultant David T.S. Wood this three-day program is designed to help change the way you approach business and leadership. Recognized as a world leader in personal development trainers, David will guide you through important aspects of belief, planning, and skills needed to become a successful network marketer. David’s program is designed to help you create, build, and sustain your business through: Belief: There are six key belief systems. Once you understand them, understand you are responsible for them, and understand how to move them, you [...]

Build Your Belief at University in Action in London and Birmingham!

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University in Action (UIA) is a Core 4 Event focused on teaching new and seasoned Associates the building blocks needed to pave the way to personal and professional success. Network marketing experts like David T.S. Wood and other Isagenix top leaders will guide you and your fellow Isagenix Associates through a few days of learning, growing, and fun. “I think that University in Action is my personal favorite because I truly feel like you are rolling up your sleeves, learning the skills, building the belief, and immersing yourself in it. By going to UIA, you are speeding up your development and growth.” – 7-Star Golden Circle, 9-Star Crystal Executive and Isagenix Millionaire Rob Stewart. During UIA, the trainers guide Associates [...]

Kick-start the new season with our Opportunity Meetings

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Get rid of your end-of-summer blues and get ready to kick-start the new season with our Opportunity Meetings! We will be coming to Manchester and Birmingham this autumn, and with us we have none other than Isagenix #1 Income Earners Worldwide Michael Clouse and Lynn Hagedorn! This is the perfect event for those of you who wish to take your business to the next level. We also encourage you to invite prospective Members to the event, for an exclusive opportunity to hear what Isagenix can do for them. Michael and Lynn have been where you are, and they achieved incredible success. Be inspired by their journey to how they got there, and learn from the knowledge they have to share. [...]

The UK Team Are Going On The Road Again!

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The third round of Roadshows kick off on 9th May 2017, and the UK team can’t wait to climb aboard the Isagenix van once again and bring the Isagenix story and culture to cities near you. London – 9th May (7-10pm) Glasgow – 10th May (7-10pm) Newcastle – 11th May (7-10pm) Manchester – 12th May (7-10pm) Birmingham – 13th May (10am-1pm) These events are your last chance to find out everything you need to know before the UK start of sales on 15th May, and we’re thrilled to announce that Sharron Walsh, Senior VP of International and Sara Richter, Product Education Manager will be joining us. Sara Richter, Product Education Manager – More than 1,800 of you have watched Sara’s [...]

We’re Coming To A City Near You!

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Big news — we’re bringing the Isagenix experience to cities around the UK, and you’re invited to join us! The March and April Roadshows were a huge success, which is why we're hitting the road again in May! Why attend a Roadshow? The Roadshows are your chance to experience the Isagenix culture for yourself, meet the UK team, gain valuable information and socialise with like-minded people in your area. In the final round of Roadshows before the UK market opens, the May events will focus on product training and getting started in the UK. Even if you attended in March or April, it's important to note that each set of Roadshows features different speakers and a different agenda providing further insight on [...]

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