START Success Story: Lara & Mark Bryce

November 1, 2018,

Elaina Bird

Lara and Mark Bryce START 1000

Lara and Mark Bryce (Brycey) were looking for a way they could spend more time together instead of being separated for three weeks out of each month due to their corporate careers. Check out how Isagenix has allowed this START 1000 couple to do just that and help others along the way.


What was life like before Isagenix?

LARA: I was a small business owner working in recruitment and Mark was in Senior Management for an IT company. We had good corporate careers and a good income but we didn’t have any time together whatsoever. We were both working 40-60 hour weeks and Mark also worked away three weeks of every month so we would only see each other at weekends and one week each month. We were constantly stressed because we never felt like we had enough time for each other.

We had done network marketing part-time with another company before so when we found out Isagenix was coming to the UK we went all in. Mark stepped away from his job to pursue this with me.


What attracted you to Isagenix?

LARA: The culture was definitely a big one for us but one of the first things we noticed about Isagenix was the IsaBody Challenge. We thought that was really cool, because we were looking to partner with a health company that actually took things seriously.

The IsaBody Challenge was also how we came across our sponsor Aaron Hairston because he was a finalist in the Challenge. Having the IsaBody Challenge shows that people can be a product of the product even as a Customer, it has a proven system to follow which makes it way easier to get the amazing results we see time and time again with Isagenix.

And of course, the compensation plan is incredible! The fact that you can get paid on unlimited depth in your team was amazing. In our previous company, we only got paid on 5 levels in our team.


What has been a highlight on your Isagenix journey so far?

LARA: After a year of being with Isagenix and building our business we could go travelling around Greece for 8 weeks together. We never thought we would be able to do that. For the last week of our trip we had our friends, who are all in the business with us, come and join us in Greece. During that week our good friends and business partners Liz and Bailey got a call from corporate letting them know they had maxed out the Bonus Pool which was truly a life changing amount for them so to be out in Greece together when that happened was the best feeling on so many levels!

BRYCEY: Winning a trip to Global Celebration in Las Vegas and seeing Tony Robbins there gives me goosebumps. I’d been learning from Tony Robbins for so long before Isagenix so to be in the same room as him at that event was an unbelievable feeling. Just the amount of holidays that we’ve been able to go on has been amazing, we’ve travelled to 12 different countries in the 18 months we’ve been with Isagenix.


You’re on track represent the UK on the START Retreat in Peru, how focused are you on achieving that?

We are taking it so seriously! We would love to be in the Top 10 qualifiers and really put the UK on the map, that would be a huge achievement for us to be up there with all the other global leaders. We’ve wanted to go to Machu Picchu for a long time, one of our goals is to see all the wonders of the world so we would be able to tick that one off!


Lara and Brycey being recognized at Isagenix Global Celebration 2018

What would be your number one tip for anyone who wants to do this as a part-time or full-time business?

LARA: Create a list of everyone you speak to and always be adding to it. We keep a list on a spreadsheet but we aren’t always at our laptop so we also keep a list in our notebooks too. We always keep our spreadsheet updated so we don’t lose that master list. Include their name and location and any relevant notes, the location is handy for when there are events happening in different areas we always have people to invite.

Make sure you always follow up. Our list is dated so we can easily go back to people we have spoken to recently. Everyone always stays on the list!

BRYCEY: Sending people a private message wishing people happy birthday and asking them what their goals are for their next chapter. What is the next year going to look like for them? What would you like it to look like? There’s an opportunity to have a great conversation about what their goals are.

This also helps you stay connected with people year after year. I start my day each day by doing this. People appreciate you taking the time to reach out and personalise a birthday message like that. You can also do this with job anniversaries on LinkedIn, congratulate people on their achievements and ask them what they are most excited about with regard to what their goals are for the next year in their career. You get some really interesting responses to that question.

As Isagenix Millionaire Jackson Parr said to us in Iceland, just find a way to ask an open question that will lead to a great conversation and allow you to solve a problem for people.


You were recently recognised for achieving START 1000, what excites you most about the START movement?

LARA: I just love that Isagenix has a community that is dedicated to young people because Millennials do think differently. It is amazing to have this culture and the tools to attract those people. I’m so passionate to be an Ambassador for the industry and show others how network marketing with Isagenix is such a great opportunity for our generation.

BRYCEY: I came from 16 years in the corporate world and didn’t really know there was another way. Most people either find a trade or go to University to study and come out with a lot of debt. An interesting question to ask people is if they are using their degree in what they are currently doing as the majority of people aren’t even using that qualification in their career.

Having an opportunity with START to show young people another way having been down that path myself is amazing. A lot of young people like us want to travel and there’s no better vehicle than having an online business to allow you to do that.


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