Here are the IsaU keynote speakers

October 29, 2019,

Shilpa Dattani

IsaU is one of our most exciting events of the year – it’s your chance to experience the Isagenix culture, get a deep dive into our no-compromise products, business building strategies, and this year we have five key note speakers lined up for you! Here’s a taste of what to expect, and why you shouldn’t miss them.

Ciji Siddons, 9-Star Platinum, 3-Star Executive

Learn about: Connecting and sharing Isagenix with new customers

Before Isagenix, Ciji was bartending on the Jersey Shore and only signed up as product user because she was constantly on the go and looking for a convenient nutrition option. She started sharing products and soon it was supplemening her income through Graduate School, but then a light bulb went off. She realized just what she could achieve – now this Isagenix Millionaire* and START Ambassador has not only replaced her income, but she’s about to show you how she did it!

Rebecca Haresign, BSc Isagenix Nutritionist

Learn about: How and When to Use AMPED Nitro

So, your customers have seen your transformation photos, now they’re keen to know about the nutrition behind Isagenix that helped you achieve your results. We’ve got just the thing for you. Our Isagenix Nutritionist, Rebecca, will be teaching you about our newest product, AMPED Nitro, so you can find out even more about this amazing product! Plus, she’ll be hosting an ‘Ask the Nutritionist Booth’ where she’ll answer any questions you have about our products.

Mark Bryce, 3-Star Golden Circle, Crystal Executive

Learn about: Driving a new product through your team

Now that AMPED Nitro is here in the UK, you probably know people who could get really excited about a quality pre-workout. The question is, how do you share it with them?! Mark Bryce is one of the Top UK Leaders and he will share simple strategies on how you can share this new product with your existing customer base, and attract new customers. He’ll give you a step-by-step system with sample scripts that you can implement immediately.

Heather Atkinson, 9-Star Platinum, 2-Star Executive

Learn about: Our compensation plan

Learn from Heather about the basics of our compensation plan and how to leverage it to get your products paid for, as well as making residual income! Having started her Isagenix journey as a single parent with two young children, running a personal training business and working as a sports coach to top up her income, Heather relied on our comp plan as a way to make more money and gain back more time. The results have been life-changing – Heather and her family are financially secure for the first time and now she’s is passionate about sharing Isagenix to help others build financial security for their families. It’s a talk you don’t want to miss!

Linzi Watts, 2-Star Golden Circle, 1-Star Crystal Executive

Learn about: The importance of events when building momentum in your business

Previously a pregnancy and post-natal yoga instructor, Linzi is passionate about wellbeing, so she began showing working parents how they could be in the best shape of their life with Isagenix, whilst introducing them to the business opportunity and how it could give them time and financial flexibility. Learn how she used her own experience to help so many parents get started as business builders in her team!

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