Hear more Isagenix Success Stories at Celebration!

March 14, 2019,

Elaina Bird

UK and Ireland Celebration Real People Real Results

We’re excited to announce yet more amazing speakers at UK and Ireland Celebration which is just over a week away.

Check out who you’ll be hearing from and why they are so passionate about sharing Isagenix with others!

Andy Clarke

1 Star Silver Circle, Crystal Manager

“I’m so passionate about Isagenix as it has values aligned to my own, providing a vehicle that I can positively engage in enhancing the lives of others.

Isagenix has enabled me to give up my toxic corporate position and supported me through my first 2 years of this wonderful journey, whilst introducing me to an awesome community of like minded, positive, supportive people.”

Debbie Cave

1 Star Golden Circle, Executive

“Isagenix has not only transformed me physically but has provided a platform for me to enjoy the freedom of working from home whilst building a business with my friends. What’s not to love! I’m loving all like minded people I’m meeting along the way and it’s just so satisfying helping others to better health and in some cases, really turning peoples lives around. My passion has almost turned into an obligation!”

Terrianne Takalua

1 Star Golden Circle, Crystal Executive

“Isagenix has enabled me work from anywhere so that I can travel with my family and support my husband in his rugby career. I’m super passionate about helping my friends and especially my culture overcome their health struggles and create a better environment for themselves and their family.”

Elaine Ash


“For me Isagenix has helped me achieve great health from the inside out whilst being surrounded by a community of positivity that can inspire everyone. Surround yourself with those who raise you up and want you to succeed!”

Lorenzo Monteforte

1 Star Silver Circle, Manager

“Isagenix has changed everything for me. From my energy, my social circle, my mindset and my level of belief. I love now showing others how the impossible is now possible – their dreams can become reality.”

Helen Turner

3 Star Golden Circle, Crystal Executive

“Isagenix has completely changed my life and our family life. Hayley has her Daddy back and I’m working from home loving what I do instead of being trapped in a job that made me so unhappy!”

Orrin Benford

2 Star Golden Circle, Crystal Executive

“Isagenix is a vehicle that has pushed me to start to fulfil my potential. I’m super passionate about helping young people dream big again and build a life on their terms.”

Laura Hallett

UK IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner 2018

“I’m so passionate about Isagenix as it has not only given me my life back but also the opportunity to help others achieve their goals and dreams too.

It has given me a platform to reach out and help more people.  I’ve been able to share my IsaBody experience and journey on social media, which in turn has inspired others to do the same. Isagenix helps real people like me transform their life and become the healthiest and happiest version of themselves.”

Jon Bridges

UK IsaBody Challenge Runner Up 2018

“Isagenix brought health, weight loss, friendship, ambition and love into my life. Why wouldn’t I want to share that with others so they can have the same?

I’m so passionate about the IsaBody Challenge because not only has it kept me focused and accountable, but I’m now  part of something that can inspire others to transform their lives. It’s been nothing short of amazing.”

You’ll hear from these superstars as they share more about their stories and how Isagenix has impacted their lives. Who’s excited?!

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