Congratulate our Newest Members!

October 18, 2017,

Rebecca Haresign

Be a part of the challenge! Qualify as a Crystal Executive by 26 December 2017 and you will be recognised for your success as a UK Founder and experience exclusive benefits. This month we would like to congratulate Carly Hewitt & Steve Pater and Edward Arterton on becoming our newest UK Founder’s Club members.

UK Founder’s Club Members

If you reach Crystal Executive by 26 December 2017 this is what you will be entitled to:

  • Your name, photo and rank on the Founders Club Recognition Wall in the Isagenix Europe head office in London.
  • Reserved VIP seating at all Core 4 events for one year*.
  • UK Founders Club pin
  • UK Founders Club trophy

Top Tips for reaching Crystal Executive

We previously asked UK Founders Club’s member Carl Norman to share some tips on how to grow your business and reach Crystal Executive rank and above, he gave us some great ideas:

  • Be clear about ‘why’ you want to achieve it! Executive level isn’t just a title, it’s an accomplishment of a level of achievement that is totally worth the effort it took to get there.
  • Set out a plan on ‘how’ to do it. The sacrifice it took to get to Executive level was well worth the effort in terms of how it makes you feel.
  • Have a vision that ‘someone if working harder than you to get there before you’! Becoming an Executive takes vision, clarity and a work ethic like your life depends on it.

* Event tickets must be purchased by the Associate and guest in order to receive free VIP seating. Please note: Those who qualified as a UK Founder prior to the Crystal Reset will not receive an additional trophy and pin.


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