Congratulations to our IsaRally Nashville Winners!

June 7, 2018,

Elaina Bird

IsaRally Nashville

Our IsaRally winners have been announced! Their hard work and commitment has paid off and we’re so excited to reward them with the trip of a lifetime to Global Celebration in Nashville, Tennessee!

Here’s what a few of our winners had to say about the competition…

“IsaRally means so much more to me that just a reward for hard work. It’s that momentous flag pole in the ground that has turned my ‘one day’ into today. The journey to get here is what has inspired me most. The momentum was fierce and it lit a fire under our team! It’s proof to me, and those who watch me, that as an initial skeptic anyone who’s prepared to go the extra mile can make it happen. This has not only solidified my belief in the people behind Isagenix but also its added so much more credibility to my own business and inspired my clients and team to no end. I’m just so grateful and feel like I haven’t even got started yet. The IsaRally team journey is the true reward for business longevity. The prize to go to Nashville is an incredible bonus. This where dreams become very real. Thank you Isagenix!”

~ Pieta and Duncan McCrum

2 Star Golden Circle, Executive

“To finally being part of a family that truly recognises everyone at whatever level is overwhelming. We feel so blessed and excited to be a part of such a huge celebration of other people’s successes. It is a true reflection of what this world should be about, helping others and lifting them up no matter what walk of life they come from. Having only ever flown once and abroad once we are excited to see another country and as we’re both into music there’s no better place than Nashville. Totally buzzing!”

~ Paul and Pat Malpass

1 Star Silver Circle, Manager

“The IsaRally was the best opportunity we had to really accelerate our business and along the way it has made such a difference in supporting our family financially. After winning the Isarally to Iceland last year and seeing the attention to detail from corporate, we never want to miss out on an Isarally ever again. We are truly grateful and cannot wait to share this incredible experience with the team and the whole Isagenix community.”

~ Liz and Bailey

1 Star Silver Circle, Director

“I’m extremely excited, it still hasn’t quite sunk in! This is the trip of a lifetime and all for just sharing my experience with these wonderful products with others. Thank you Isagenix!”

~ Julie McNab

1 Star Silver Circle, Manager

Please join us in congratulating the following Associates who raced to the finish and secured their place to Nashville, USA.


Nashville Predators

  • Kelly Cameron
  • Jennifer Lindsay
  • Julie McNab

Nashville Nutters

  • Lara & Mark
  • Liz and Bailey
  • Lawton Hopwood
  • Sam Anderton

Shake Rattle En-Roll-Ers

  • Carly Hewitt and Steve Pater
  • Kelly & Samuel Houghton
  • Jolet Zijlmans
  • Louise Harris


  • Mollie Gimson
  • Andy Clarke
  • Natalie Hills
  • Jodie Leigh Cartwright


  • Judith Peereboom
  • Esther & Tom


  • Paul and Pat Malpass
  • Michelle Johnson

Rock EnRollers

  • Pieta & Duncan McCrum


  • Sarah Wharton
  • Jane Leahy & Neil Hinde

The Shamrockers

  • Gillian Laffan

Nashville Knights

  • Laura Moon
  • Daniel Bennett


  • Michael and Eveline
  • Steffie Vandenbogaerde
  • Anabel Goossens
  • Hélène Hamers


  • Debbie Cave
  • Tania Hunter
  • Orrin
  • Sue Whitling
  • Claire Gibson
  • Helen Turner
  • Connie Van der Putten


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