From Tired and Miserable to the Best Shape of His Life

Sam Edwards was looking to make a change to his health. “I was miserable, tired and drinking too much and I was annoyed with the lack of results going to the gym. I had a belly I just couldn’t shift and was hating my job as a scaffolder which was breaking my back every day.” [...]

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From Product Sharers To Business Builders

Kathryn and Mark Pierce were introduced to Isagenix® through Legacy Club Member Heather Atkinson. Initially they both had their apprehensions, however they trusted Heather and decided to give the products a try as they were both keen to improve their health. Within just a few weeks they both noticed a positive difference. Soon, they were [...]

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The Pursuit of a New & Better Lifestyle

On paper, Emma Poli was on the right track. She found early success in the network marketing industry by using her experience in retail management and personal training to live comfortably. But in reality, Emma felt unfulfilled. Her husband was overworked and busy schedules kept them from spending time with each other, they had gone [...]

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From Exhausted Firefighter to Energised Family Man

Clark Gibson had three jobs and was physically and mentally exhausted. Along with a part time firefighting role he had taken two other physically demanding jobs to support his newly born son. He was the sole provider in his household as he and his wife had made the decision for her to give up work [...]

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A Sweet Journey to Success

Siobhan Sweet’s career as a pastry chef was taking over her physical figure and she knew it was time for a change. She made poor food choices and some of her clothes no longer fit, but as a driven and determined person Siobhan wanted to change her life as soon as possible. Her introduction to [...]

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Conquering the Weight Loss Rollercoaster

Michael Billington will tell you that he has struggled with weight all his life. For over 40 years he had tried countless products and plans but could never seem to lose the weight and keep it off. In the end though, the result was always the same, he ended up putting the weight back on [...]

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