The IsaRally closing date of 15 October is coming up fast and we can’t wait to see who will earn their place on the prize trip to Iceland! Will it be you and your team? To help you stay motivated, we’re happy to share the latest IsaRally leaderboard. Please join us in congratulating everyone who has appeared on the list so far. But remember: the hard work doesn’t end here! Keep up your incredible efforts and take the skills and knowledge that you’ve gained into the future. Keep reading for more of our IsaRally tips designed to help you and your team build, build, build!

Connecting and Sharing

What business tool is free, one of the best ways to build your Isagenix business, and can help you earn a LOT of IsaRally points? Social media.

With two months remaining in the toward earning a trip to Iceland in November, it’s a good time to expand and enhance your and your team’s businesses. Here are a few resources to better connect, share and interact with both your own team, as well as prospective Customers, through social media platforms to give your business a huge boost.


Easily connect with us on Facebook and Instagram. You can stay updated on the latest news, events, products, and conversations happening throughout the UK.

Share these outlets with your team, who, in turn, can share with any current or prospective Customers. It’s the easiest and cheapest (free!) way to share Isagenix products, tips, strategies and suggestions with the UK. and around the world, often with people you may have otherwise never connected with.


Sharing is caring, but be careful! Social media is often the first and most outward facing “view” others see of yourself, your business and Isagenix, and first impressions matter most. Learn more about successful and safe practices to share Isagenix and your business using Facebook and Instagram.

Always be careful about what you post, how often you post, and how it’s presented. We’ve even explored some best practices to handle false or misinformation posted on social media sites.

Share the products, share your business, earn points and earn your spot in Iceland!


*Winners may be responsible for additional expenses incurred during the trip that are not expressly stated in the prize package. Please review the IsaRally Iceland flyer for more details.