Tips on Portion Control

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If your eyes are sometimes larger than your stomach, then you’ve probably discovered how difficult it is to navigate restaurant menus and supermarket aisles. Seemingly everything is ‘family size’ or ‘20% off!’ Then there’s the nutrition and serving-size label on the back: who can really eat just three squares of chocolate? But, fear not, despite food continuing to be served in bigger packages, you can keep your portions under control without feeling hungry or being tempted to consume too many calories. How much you eat can be nearly as important as what you eat, so here are some tips and strategies for portion control to help you maintain control of your weight-loss goals and healthy lifestyle. Mind Your Meals Planning [...]

Intermittent Fasting with Type 2 Diabetes

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As fasting can raise the risk of low blood sugar in those with Type 2 diabetes, it’s generally recommended that those with the health condition consult their doctor before attempting any type of fasting regime. For those with Type 2 diabetes, it’s also important to evaluate the appropriateness of performing consecutive fasting days as it may further increase the possibility of low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). Any decision about modifying medications during fasting days should also be made with a doctor. However, a recent study from New Zealand offers some encouraging results for those with Type 2 diabetes looking to adopt a fasting regime for the purposes of losing weight. The study found fasting two consecutive days was associated with a [...]

Stay on track during your summer holidays

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Summer is approaching, and normally the sunnier days make eating healthily and exercising regularly a little easier. But for those travelling, spending time away from home and out of their routine, it can be a challenge to achieve your goals. Spending your days relaxing on the beach, exploring new places or hosting summer barbecues doesn’t mean that weight loss and fitness must be challenging. Prepare for success this summer with these tips. Eating well Prepare meals and snacks ahead of time A little preparation with a few nutritious meals and snacks is helpful whether you’re flying or driving, staying in a hotel or renting a holiday home. Pack enough dry snacks and meals so you can be sure to get [...]

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