Ready to Start Living the IsaLife?

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What’s the best way you can help yourself when it comes to reaching your goals? If you ask us, it’s all about having a plan. Research shows that those most likely to achieve their goals are those who have followed a plan including three simple steps: They don't just think about their goals; they write them down. They commit to actions (how they plan to achieve their goals), and write those down, too! They share their goals and action commitments with a supportive friend, and talk with that friend each week about their progress and how they’re doing. That sounds doable, right?! And we’ve made it even easier with the IsaLife™ Success Plan. How to Get Started If you’re ready to get [...]

The IsaLife App – Not Just for the Tech Savvy

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In our fast-paced world, technology allows us to bridge the gap between what’s possible and what isn’t. Our world is smaller than ever, with many of our Customers and Associates easily connecting with people around the globe – the only thing left for us to work out is time zones! But you don’t have to be a tech guru or in the START group to get the most out of technology. Cue the newly-launched IsaLife™ app – a convenient, user-friendly, mobile app that’s designed specifically to help you keep your health and wellness goals in check no matter where you are. Your new go-to When you’re on a health and wellness journey, being conscious of your nutrition and exercise is [...]

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