Global Top Achievers 2018: How to Make it to Maui!

September 27, 2017,

Rebecca Haresign

How would you like to spend time with Isagenix’s most dedicated achievers? Each year Jim and Kathy Coover personally invite a group of Top Achievers to an all-expense paid trip to one of the company’s most exclusive business training events of the year.

The 2018 Global Top Achievers  event will take place in Maui Hawaii at the luxurious Grand Wailea, a Waldorf Astoria Resort on 30 May to 3 June 2018! We will welcome Isagenix Top Achievers from around the world to experience immaculate accommodation and ultimate luxury. The resort has nine sparkling pools, a lazy river, exceptional dining experiences and a world-renowned spa.

During their time on this beautiful island, leaders from each market will get the opportunity to learn about new and upcoming products, network with fellow front-runners in the industry and enjoy influential business training from Isagenix top leaders and the Executive team.

Qualification for Global Top Achievers began in March of 2017, but you can still qualify until February 2018. This means that you still have five months to build your business!

Want To Be a National Top Achiever?

To help you achieve and track your progress along the way, we’ve created an incredible section in your Back Office  highlighting each available resource.

Under the Contests & Promotions  tab, you’ll find our fun and detailed training video on how to qualify, as well as our qualification flyer outlining each extraordinary level of luxury you have the chance to experience on this exceptional trip. You will also find our Top Leader in Action and Top Income Earner leaderboards, allowing you to easily track your progress throughout the year.

Don’t wait another day to check your progress and start working hard towards earning a spot on this amazing trip.

To stay up to date on the latest 2018 Global Top Achievers news, you can also visit and keep an eye out for your invite to the Top Achievers 2018 Facebook Group where you can ask questions, congratulate your team, and build excitement for this outstanding Journey!

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