The upcoming UIA and IsaU events are coming up fast, and we want to see you there!

If you’re at the UK Grand Opening this weekend, you can make the most of incredible exclusive discounts on these event tickets – so what are you waiting for?! Follow the guide below to buy your tickets in just a few simple steps, and don’t forget to encourage your team to do the same!

  • Head online to the Back Office.
  • Enter your usual Back Office login details
  • Click ‘View & Manage Events’
  • Choose the event you would like to purchase tickets for – UIA or IsaU
  • Enter the quantity of tickets you’d like to purchase
  • Once you’re happy, go to the Checkout
  • Follow the instructions to enter your payment details.
  • Did you buy a Grand Opening ticket? If so, you can buy your tickets at AMAZING discounted prices, just for you! These event ticket offers will automatically be applied in your Back Office so no excuses! But don’t delay – these prices are only valid until midnight on Sunday 25 June!

You can read all about these events here, and keep an eye on too! We look forward to seeing you there!