We created IsaDelight Chocolates with feel good ingredients so that our customers can enjoy chocolate whenever they like without feeling guilty. Most chocolates are low quality, have lots of added sugar, and the out-of-control portion sizes mean we end up consuming more calories than we really need. So, what feel-good ingredients have we used in these indulgent treats and how can they help us?


Isagenix sources only high-quality cocoa beans, which have been grown on small family farms and harvested when they’re at peak ripeness. Our cocoa beans are gently processed to create a smooth texture and rich flavour which carefully protect the cocoa’s delicate natural compounds, just like Belgian chocolate. Cocoa is rich in polyphenols and flavonoids, and there’s been numerous studies attributing these components to protecting our cells and looking after our health.

Green tea extract

Green tea, from the Camellia sinensis plant, has been consumed in the Far East for more than 5000 years where it’s widely known for its health properties. The name ‘green tea’ come from the green colour that you see when it’s brewed. Even though lots of different types of tea come from this plant (including black tea), the key difference with green tea is the way it’s processed. Green tea is unprocessed and unfermented, which is what gives green tea it’s colour when brewed (and name!), and also makes it higher in polyphenols. The main polyphenol in green tea are flavonoids, which are known antioxidants that are an important part of a healthy diet (1).

Amino acids

IsaDelights also contain some amino acids, like phenylalanine, glycine and taurine. Amino acids are the components that make up proteins, and it’s important that we’re getting enough amino acids in our diet. Phenylalanine is one of the essential amino acids, well known for positive affects on mood and energy.

B vitamins

Believe it or not, inside these little squares of chocolates we’ve even been able to squeeze in some vitamins! Every time you bite into an IsaDelight, you’re getting vitamins B3, B6 and B12. We need B vitamins (along with all other vitamins and minerals) in very small amounts, but they’re still really important. Each of the B vitamins have a different function and benefit to the body, like releasing energy from the foods we eat, keeping our nervous system and skin healthy, and helping to form red blood cells to transport oxygen around the body (2).

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