What happens to your body when you hit a weight-loss plateau?

January 24, 2018,

Rebecca Haresign

Few aspects of weight loss are as frustrating as when the changes you’ve seen on the scale begin to slow down, and then seemingly stop altogether. If this sounds familiar, you may be experiencing a weight-loss plateau.

Some reasons for slowed weight loss are obvious, such as when healthier diet and exercise choices begin to give way to old, less healthful habits. But it can be hard to identify the reasons for a weight loss plateau when you stick to the healthy lifestyle changes that have already helped you lose weight.

Weight loss occurs when there is a calorie deficit. A calorie deficit occurs when you burn more calories than you consume, and can be created either by increasing physical activity or decreasing energy intake to within a healthy range, or a combination of the two.

Weight-loss plateaus are normal

The first thing you should know is that weight-loss plateaus are normal. They can happen to even the most successful people you know who’ve lost a significant amount of weight. It’s also worth bearing in mind that you may still be losing weight; however, it’s yet too small to register on the scales. Don’t give up! If you persevere you could see results over the coming days or weeks!

At Isagenix we also recommend monitoring measurements other than your weight, such as waist circumference. Although your weight may be staying relatively constant, what changes have you noticed in your measurements?

Are your calories adding up?

Another common reason for slowed weight loss is that your calorie intake can start to creep up again over time, through increased portion size in your third meal and more frequent or higher-calorie snacks or rewards. This is a good opportunity to reflect on your third meal – is the portion size right for your needs? Is the meal between 400-600 calories? Are you using healthier cooking methods such as grilling and steaming rather than frying? Do you have a lean source of protein, starchy carbohydrates and plenty of vegetables?

We can also use this time to consider our snacking habits to ensure they’re providing us with good nutrition and the required amount of energy.


At Isagenix we recommend our customers looking for weight loss are physically active in addition to obtaining good nutrition with Shake Days and Cleanse Days*. However, now is the perfect opportunity to start incorporating more or higher intensity exercise to help you push through your weight-loss plateau. Whether that includes joining a gym, trying a new exercise class or pushing yourself harder in your workout.

If you’re struggling to find the time to exercise why not try the PRISE protocol, devised by Dr Paul Arciero? This includes a different set of exercises on four days of the week, including resistance, interval and endurance training, and stretching.

* A Cleanse Day is a nutritionally supported fast that nourishes and energizes your body’s own detoxification systems. For further Cleanse Day information, visit Isagenix.com


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