We know you’re busy setting up events and sharing Isagenix’s solutions with your prospects, so we thought we’d give you one less thing to worry about: what to show and talk about.

We put our heads together to think about how we could make our current tool better, got feedback from some of you and we’re proud to say we have an incredible updated version of our Opportunity Meeting presentation ready for you all to use!

It features great graphics and includes easily shareable information on:

  • Isagenix and our vision to become the most trusted and respected health and wellness company in the world
  • Our nutritious products (including a Shake Day and Cleanse Day breakdown)
  • Before and Afters from our amazing associates
  • Why you should try network marketing
  • Editable slides for you to showcase local success stories (product or business)
  • And more!

Here is the UK version

Here is the Ireland version


Check out this video of Erik Coover telling you all you need to know about this presentation!