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September 12, 2017,

Elaina Bird

World-renowned entrepreneur, best-selling author, business strategist, and Celebration 2017 keynote speaker Tony Robbins once said, “for change to be of any value, [it’s] got to be lasting and consistent.” That statement holds true with any area of your life, including your health and wellness journey. Starting (and maintaining!) a healthy lifestyle takes determination, drive and commitment. As the world leader in health and wellness, we couldn’t agree more. That’s why it’s our number 1 goal is to share our no-compromise, science-backed products with others.

And our passion doesn’t stop there! As a company, we also believe in giving back. Through our global commitment to Make-A-Wish®, we have raised more than $1.4 million in 2017 and more than $6.8 million across 11 countries since 2012 to help Make-A-Wish grant more than 800 wishes.

Grow Yourself, Expand Your World

We believe in supporting individuals as they realise their full potential. At Isagenix, we understand that we are all on a journey of individual growth and that growth is a continuous work in progress. We encourage, provide and look for ways to nourish our bodies, minds and spirits on a daily basis. We encourage everyone to dream, desire and open their minds to see beyond what they thought possible. By embracing, accepting and expanding our perspective, we can create the identity that we imagine, cultivate the best version of ourselves, and continue to inspire those around us.

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