The Spirit of Isagenix is a voter’s choice award where we ask the Isagenix community to nominate someone who they admire, and the nominations came flooding in for our winner, Heather Atkinson, who is the UK top income earner! From her great coaching skills, to her willingness to help anyone and her ability to make everyone feel welcome, we couldn’t think of a more deserving winner. Even though she used to think she wasn’t a great network marketer and put it all down to her ability to make friends, we think this is the real secret to success in this industry. Learn from the best about how she went from humble beginnings to becoming our Number One Income Earner and the Spirit of Isagenix.

Your amount of nominations was overwhelming! How do you feel about being the Spirit of Isagenix?

I’m absolutely thrilled! I want to thank every single person who voted for me – I’m sending a huge thank you to you all! It just really reminds me of how far I’ve come.

Where did it all start?

I didn’t use to have a great relationship with nutritional supplements. I was a Personal Trainer, a national Champion athlete, was even sponsored by a nutrition company, but for 25 years I believed that whole foods and exercise were the only way to be healthy. I told my  Clients we didn’t need supplements  (how silly I feel now). I only started Isagenix because my two best friends loved it and I just agreed to try it. It was a bit of a secret because I’d gone against my beliefs around the whole supplement market for years, but after being frustrated watching my clients not get the results they deserved I finally started to share. I’d had such amazing results myself – I was a fit healthy athlete but my body was feeling the impact of training and after using these products, my recovery improved, I gained lean muscle and I felt my wellness level go through the roof!  I couldn’t keep the excitement to myself!

Why did you start an Isagenix business?

I recommended one client to try the products because of the results I saw in myself – I didn’t even tell her she could get her products paid for by sharing them – but then she told me she could no longer afford them because of financial struggles, so I let her know about the business side. That was my first realization that I could help someone else with their financial situation, and what’s more rewarding than that? It wasn’t until a few years later that I got a handle on the business. I had four jobs so I didn’t commit to understanding what it was, I just carried on casually sharing, but I had a financial disaster and only then did I really look into the business and see the potential!

What’s the key to success in this business?

Everyone has the same ability to grow a team and enrol new people, but to be successful you need to help people stay in the business long enough to see the power, which I believe is done through building solid relationships. You need to be a great coach,  be on the end of the phone and make sure everyone feels welcome. You need to remember that a new customer is just as important as an existing business builder – if you treat your customers well, they can go on to be your greatest referrer and help grow your team.

How did you build such a strong team?

I thought I wasn’t a very good network marketer, but I was good at making new friends and keeping them. I developed friendships with everyone that came in to my organisation and spent lots of time on the phone (not messenger or Facebook!) and personally invited every customer to my events. It started off around my kitchen table, and then I encouraged my team to do the same – we now have about 80-90 people at our events each week. Staying in touch and building relationships is key.

We love that you’re so open to coaching anyone who’s not in your team. How come you do this?    

Jim and Kathy started Isagenix as a team, and we’re all part of it. I never ask anyone who they are financially linked to because really we are all one business! I was lucky enough to spend some time with the company owners, Jim and Kathy Coover, and Kathy was making phone calls to Associates whilst we were on a boat, so if the owner of the company will help anyone in her own time, who am I to not help others even if they aren’t in my team?

What’s your advice to someone thinking of joining Isagenix?

From a product point of view, you should just commit to the goal you first set yourself. Remember why you started, trust the process and look at the results of other people when you need some reassurance!

For business builders, remember that most people come from small beginnings as a product user, it’s not realistic to sky-rocket straight away – yes it happens to some people, but most just start by casually sharing the products. When you’re trying to grow your team, respect their decision if they don’t want to build a business – there’s no point dragging a happy product user to become a beaten-up business builder.

What’s the best thing about having an Isagenix business?  

Seeing someone recover and get out of financial pain is the greatest thing ever. This industry isn’t always plain sailing, so you need to find your ‘why’ because it will help you get through any frustrating moments. I love knowing I’m helping others change their lives and feel part of something.

Why do you choose Isagenix over other network marketing companies?

After becoming so involved in the business, I’ve realized how powerful it is. I would never look sideways. There is no other for me. It’s given my family and generations to come financial freedom which has been completely life-changing. I also love the community and family feel to this business and I’ve made amazing friends! Why would I go anywhere else?

Do you have any last words of wisdom?

Focus on what you’ve got right now and try not to compare to others. Most of us are using these amazing products, getting the best nutrition, some of us who share products are eating for free, and some of us are even earning commission on top of it. How lucky are we to have that! You can do whatever you desire with Isagenix, just be here in 5 years to reap the rewards!