Meet These Powerhouse Leaders on the Road!

By |March 31st, 2018|Events, Featured Home|

Spain, we are coming for you! Get excited to learn about the incredible products and business opportunity Isagenix has to offer at one of our upcoming Roadshow events. Taking place all over the country, these events will be your chance to learn more about our products and systems and take an in-depth look at how and why they work. Plus, you’ll get to try them for yourself! You’ll also hear from two powerhouse business leaders, Rita Catolino and Alex Hoffmann, who’ll share the secrets to their success in Isagenix and how they have grown their Isagenix businesses all over the world. Alex Hoffmann Isagenix Millionaire*, 8-Star Golden Circle, 5-Star Crystal Executive Alex is a proud father of five children who [...]

We’re Hitting the Road Again- Meet Us in Belgium!

By |March 29th, 2018|Events|

Get ready for yet another exciting opportunity as we expand further into Europe! Belgium will be our next market to launch in April 2018. To celebrate our Belgium opening, we’re hosting a series of roadshows events all over the country to help you share the Isagenix vision. Our first roadshows were a huge success and we’re thrilled to announce the second leg of our Belgian tour. Meet us in Antwerp, Ghent and Brussels to find out how Isagenix can help you reach your goals. Whether you’re keen to earn extra income to go on that family holiday or perhaps you’re ready lose a few extra kilos for the summer, you can achieve both with Isagenix! Plus, you and your guests [...]

Join us in Belgium for our Pre-Launch Roadshow

By |March 13th, 2018|Events, International|

Just over a week ago we announced our plan for continued market expansion in Europe. We will be launching in Belgium first, with an anticipated launch date of 23 April, and following that by launching in Spain, with an anticipated launch in June. Ahead of the launch in each country we will be holding a series of Roadshow events. First up, between 20-23 March, is Belgium with events in Liège, Antwerp, Brussels and Ghent. Our Roadshow is your first chance to experience Isagenix and find out more about the launch in Belgium. We will be sharing information on the company, as well as how the Isagenix products and business opportunity can help transform your lifestyle. The presentations will be held in either French [...]

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