Stay on track during your summer holidays

June 14, 2018,

Rebecca Haresign

Summer is approaching, and normally the sunnier days make eating healthily and exercising regularly a little easier. But for those travelling, spending time away from home and out of their routine, it can be a challenge to achieve your goals.

Spending your days relaxing on the beach, exploring new places or hosting summer barbecues doesn’t mean that weight loss and fitness must be challenging. Prepare for success this summer with these tips.

Eating well

  1. Prepare meals and snacks ahead of time

A little preparation with a few nutritious meals and snacks is helpful whether you’re flying or driving, staying in a hotel or renting a holiday home. Pack enough dry snacks and meals so you can be sure to get at least one healthy meal in each day. For example, IsaLean Shakes make great, convenient meal options that fit in easily with your luggage.

  1. Look for a kitchen

If possible, book your stay at a place where you will have access to a kitchen or fridge. One of the easiest ways to keep your meals in check while on holiday is to make them yourself. With a full-sized kitchen, you can make most of your meals and eat as you normally would at home. However, even with a simple minifridge, bringing along nutritious foods like fresh fruits and vegetables is an easy way to stay healthy.

  1. Plan your meals

You’re on holiday, so it’s important to enjoy yourself! The key is to plan your meals so you’re not treating yourself at every occasion. Before you get to your destination, why not research the best local dishes that you have to look forward to?

Keeping fit

  1. Come prepared

Bring the essentials for working out (running trainers, workout clothes, and a workout plan). There’s no way you’ll get a good workout in without bringing what you need. Do your research on where you’re going, decide what types of workouts you may want to do, and pack accordingly. Whether it’s a hike at a nearby trail, yoga on the beach or a high intensity body weight workout in your hotel room, you’ll be more likely to include fitness on your trip if you come prepared.

  1. Plan fun activities

Make fitness a part of your vacation and get your friends and family involved! Plan a day to do some fun activities that don’t feel like your normal workout routines but still involve being active. Have you ever tried paddle boarding, beach volleyball, water sports, hiking, or snorkelling?

  1. Consider exercise when booking your stay

Consider your location as well as the amenities included at your hotel or holiday home when planning your holiday exercise routine. If you’re staying at a hotel, see if you can book one with a gym. If you’re staying in a holiday home, look for one near the beach or park. No matter how small your space, there’s always a way to get in a quick workout.

While these tips might seem a bit obvious, you might be surprised how often travellers don’t take advantage of them. Enjoy a healthy summer holiday! Go ahead and indulge a little, but don’t let travelling get in the way of your overall health goals.

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