Simple Way to Share on Social

January 8, 2019,

Shilpa Dattani

Social media is ever evolving. Thousands of trends come and go in a flash! Unless you spend a lot of time on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, it is tough to keep up. It’s all about classic captions, vibrant graphics and, of course, the occasional viral meme. All these demands can be stressful for up and coming entrepreneurs trying to build a business.

Don’t stress! Rather than spending countless hours trying to perfect your posts, we have done the leg work so you can easily share the wonderful gift of Isagenix®.

The IsaTools To Go app is the perfect companion for any business builder. Whether you’re just getting started or are an experienced network marketer, IsaTools will transform the way you share on social media. With several images, videos and recipes; you’ll have everything you need to spread the world of Isagenix on social media in the palm of your hand.

But how can you think of the witty words to catch the eye? Use the sample ‘blurbs’ and simply adjust them to make them your own. Each blurb has to be changed by 10 percent before it can be shared, so each post will have a touch of your personality. Add your favourite emojis, catchphrases and hashtags and let your creativity shine.

Between sharing photos of your IsaLife™, working on your business by the pool or blending a delicious IsaLean™ Shake, jump on the IsaTools To Go app and take a look at the range of resources available at your disposal.

Why not give our highly popular limited Seasonal IsaLean™ Shake MOCHA a try*? Build the hype within your team by sharing the assets and the broader health and wellness community with the help of the IsaTools To Go app!

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #OhMyMocha to create some buzz!

*This product is only available through a one-time order. Due to a limited supply, a maximum of 10 bags may be purchased per order.


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