Will you qualify for the Founders Club?

September 6, 2017,


It’s been a little under four months since Isagenix officially opened in the UK, and our launch in Ireland and the Netherlands is coming up fast! With this ever-expanding potential customer base and such a fantastic portfolio of products, there has never been a better time to build an Isagenix business. We know it takes hard work and commitment to achieve success, so we want to reward you. How? By ensuring you go down in Isagenix history as a member of the UK Founders Club.

For those of you who haven’t heard about this exclusive club, allow us to pique your interest and inspire both you and your teams to kick your business-building activity into high gear.

Join The Club

The Founders Club is a one-off opportunity to be celebrated alongside top UK leaders. The incredible group who have already qualified as part of the Founders Club are listed here, and there are so many more of you who could achieve the same success – you just have to work for it!

Please join us in congratulating all of our existing Founders; these are the people who are paving the way for Isagenix UK Associates. Heed their advice and learn from the knowledge they have to share, and it could be you who appears on the list next! (Keep an eye on our upcoming events where you could learn valuable tips.)

How To Qualify

To qualify for the Founders Club, you have until 26 December 2017 to advance through the ranks to Crystal Executive. In recognition of your outstanding achievement and excellence, you’ll receive exclusive benefits including:

  • Name, photo and rank on the Founders Club Recognition Wall in the Isagenix Europe head office in London
  • Reserved VIP seating for you and a guest at all Core 4 events for one year*
  • UK Founders Club pin
  • UK Founders Club trophy

Top Tips for reaching Crystal Executive

We asked the UK Founders Club’s newest member Carl Norman to share some tips on how to grow your business and reach Crystal Executive rank and above.

  • Be clear about ‘why’ you want to achieve it! Executive level isn’t just a title, it’s an accomplishment of a level of achievement that is totally worth the effort it took to get there.
  • Set out a plan on ‘how’ to do it. The sacrifice it took to get to Executive level was well worth the effort in terms of how it makes you feel.
  • Have a vision that someone if working harder than you to get there before you! Becoming and Executive takes vision, clarity and a work ethic like your life depends on it.

Exclusive Cocktail Reception

Think you can qualify by October? Reach Crystal Executive by 14 October 2017 and receive an invitation to an exclusive cocktail reception with Isagenix co-founders Jim and Kathy Coover! You’ll be joined by Isagenix leaders and your fellow UK Founders at this intimate event.

More information on the Founders Club challenge can be found here. Now let’s get building!


* Event tickets must be purchased by the Associate and guest in order to receive free VIP seating.

Please note: Anyone who qualified as a UK Founder prior to the Crystal Reset period that began on 26 June 2017 will not receive an additional trophy and pin.

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