Every time you help new Customers get started on selected packs, you can earn a Product Introduction Bonus, or as we call it, a PIB. PIBs are the first of several bonuses available to you within the Isagenix Compensation Plan.

Each pack attracts a different PIB amount which range between GBP£6/EUR€7 and GBP£50/EUR€53.


As of March 20, 2020, we’re adding a PIB to individual products* too. This means if your new Customer would prefer to mix and match their products rather than purchasing one of our selected packs, you’ll earn a PIB. We’re even adding a PIB to our seasonal products too!


If you have a recognition rank of Associate or higher, when you share Isagenix with a new Customer, you’ll earn PIB. The PIB amount will vary depending on what your new Customer orders.

Example 1:

You enrol a new Customer with a variety of individual products, say two boxes of IsaLean Shakes and two boxes of eShots, you receive a PIB of £6.

Example 2:

You enrol a new Customer on a Weight Loss Basic Pack plus one box of eShots, you’ll receive:

£15 PIB Weight Loss Basic Pack +

£1 PIB eShots

For a total of £16 PIB


As a Customer, you can also take advantage of this new PIB incentive when you share Isagenix!

When you help someone get started on Isagenix with either a qualifying pack or a combination of individual products, you’ll earn a Product Introduction Reward (PIR) coupon which you can redeem for product rather than a cash payment. If you’d prefer to get paid in cash, you can complete the path to Associate in your Back Office.

Visit your Back Office for the complete breakdown of PIB amounts. Click on Orders/View Price Lists.


My new customer is starting with a Weight Loss Basic Pack, and a box of eShots. Do I earn a PIB on both the pack and the extra product?

Yes, you’ll earn the PIB on the pack and any extra products your customer orders when they get started.

Can I earn Double PIBs on Individual Products?

The Double PIB incentive is only applicable to qualifying packs, not a-la-carte products.


This is applicable to all Associates within UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium and Spain. Individual PIBs commence March 20 at 6 pm London GMT.


*When new customers join with a-la-carte products, the new member BV will be reduced by 1 BV per item.