We are happy to announce that our much-loved IsaLean™ Shake Mocha is back in stock for a brief encore! So, if you’ve been calling your friends trying to get your hands on our delicious shake, the wait is over!

A creamy blend of coffee and chocolate, the term ‘coffee break’ takes on a whole new meaning with this shake! Perfectly sweet with notes of delicious coffee, this flavour comeback has been highly requested.

With 24 g of undenatured whey and milk protein, 8 g of dietary fibre along with the essential vitamins and minerals, why not treat yourself to the decadent and comforting taste of mocha for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Stock is limited and only available as a one-time order, so be sure to jump on the IsaLife app and get your Mocha fix. Join the Mocha fan club by sharing your photos on Facebook and Instagram with the #OhMyMocha hashtag to create some buzz!

Associates and Customers can purchase IsaLean Shake Mocha as an individual item. Due to a limited supply, a maximum of 10 bags may be purchased per order. This product is only available through a one-time order or through the IsaLife app.