With the launch of our two new, high-protein products IsaPro and IsaLean Bar Chocolate Decadence, we’ve taken our existing packs and made them even better – and the prices have reduced too! You might be wondering how this will affect your Autoship order. Well, read on…

If you have an existing Autoship set up for any pack that has been updated with new products, you will be automatically switched over to the new version of your pack as of 25 July 2017 (from 9pm GMT), which will include different products to what you are used to. You can find all the details of the new packs and the changes that have been made here.

(Please note that if your existing Autoship is an Energy & Performance pack or system, you will need to take some action as outlined below.)

Weight Management

The only Weight Management pack/system that will change as of 25 July 2017 (from 9pm GMT) is the Weight Management Premium Pack. The new version now includes one less box of AMPED Hydrate and has the addition of two boxes of IsaLean Bars Chocolate Decadence. All other Weight Management packs and systems remain the same.

Energy & Performance

As mentioned above, your Autoship pack or system will be automatically changed to the new version from 25 July 2017 (from 9pm GMT). You can see all the changes to your packs including the new product additions and reduced prices here.

Do you have an Autoship order of either the 30-Day Energy & Performance System or the Everyday Energy & Performance System? Please note the important information below:

  • If your Autoship order of the Everyday Energy & Performance System or 30-Day Energy & Performance System is scheduled to be shipped to you between 25-28 July, please note that our distribution team have selected the IsaLean Shake flavours for you based on your preferences. This was to ensure that you do not run out of Shakes and have enough to keep you going as you continue to work towards your goals. If you wish to update your Shake flavours for your next Autoship, feel free to do this in your Back Office or by calling Customer Care. Look out for an email with more information in the next couple of days.
  • If your Autoship order of the Everyday Energy & Performance System or 30-Day Energy & Performance System is scheduled to ship from 29 July onwards, please go into your Back Office or call Customer Care as soon as possible to select your Shake flavour preferences. If you do not do this at least one day prior to your Autoship date, please note that your Shake flavours will be automatically selected for you. Look out for an email with more information in the next couple of days.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call Customer Care on 0808 189 0490 (9am–6pm Monday to Friday). They would be happy to answer your questions and help you in any way they can.