Meet your Round 2 IsaBody Finalists!

October 16, 2020,


Gil Verstraeten

At first Gil had his doubts about starting Isagenix even though his friend had great results, but after he received a second recommendation from his trusted Personal Trainer, he needed to see what all the hype was about. After two weeks, he felt different, after six weeks, he felt in the best shape of his life.

“I have always trained and been healthy, the only thing I did differently was use Isagenix and look what happened! I’m now 35 years old and I feel better than I did at 20. Before using Isagenix I would be so hungry if I didn’t eat for a couple of hours, but now I actually feel satisfied because my body’s getting all the goodness it needs, and the products are so tasty which really helps me keep on track. I love Ionix because it makes me feel energised, Chocolate IsaLean Shake because it’s my go-to every morning and the IsaLean Bar is a great on the go snack!

Now I’m in a shredding phase and my next goal is to get my body fat percentage down to 6%, and then I’ll aim to build more muscle mass. Before when I’ve been in a shredding phase, I felt so low in energy and tired, but now with Isagenix I actually have energy and feel great at the same time as losing weight. It means I’m able to go harder in the gym, especially when I have products like AMPED Post-Workout which really helps my recovery.

My friends and family are so proud of me because I never give up! For anyone who is starting Isagenix, I would always recommend IsaBody. Every 4 months you get Є165, and it just gives you that extra motivation to get to your goal.”

Ryan Braddock

Most of his life Ryan had travelled around for work, which included a lot of great food, drink and very little sleep, but it got the point where it started to impact his health and lifestyle. He decided to put his health back as a priority with Isagenix, and what’s his greatest achievement? He doesn’t see an end date – it’s his new solution for life!

“After losing my Dad and my Father in Law in the space of two years, I wanted to start looking after myself to put my health as a priority, so I reconnected with a person that introduced me to Isagenix from a while back.

Isagenix was like a new lifestyle for me that just became a new normal. It didn’t feel monotonous, it wasn’t overly restrictive, so I could enjoy a gin and tonic at the weekend or a burger, and it didn’t interfere with my family life. That for me was the key – it was just so easy to introduce into my lifestyle. I no longer feel the need to feel guilty to punish myself for having ‘cheat meals’, I just get back on it. I’ve really surprised myself in my change in mindset – and for once I don’t see an end date!

I’ve lost 25kg (4st), and even though I’ve put on a bit of weight on holiday, I don’t feel stressed about it like I would have done before, because I know that getting back onto the Isagenix system will help me get back on track. Now I’ve got down in weight, I want to build more muscle and tone. I’ve been doing mainly cardio due to a shoulder injury, but now that’s starting to recover, I’m so excited to get back lifting weights again!”

Victoria Marti Sanchez

For Vicky, seeing is believing, and even though she’d seen so many before and afters plastered over  social media, she just didn’t think they were real, until one of her closest friends became one of them! That’s where her Isagenix journey to becoming a Finalist all started.

“Honestly I was shocked when I first saw my friend after using Isagenix, I couldn’t believe her results! I met up with her to find out her secret, and that’s when I signed up!

Now after using the products for a few months, I feel strong, agile, and energetic, all of which is essential for my day to day job as an Early Childhood Education Teacher. As you can imagine I don’t stop all day, so Isagenix just makes it easy to get the right nutrition. I honestly love the products more and more each day, especially Nourish for Life which makes Cleanse Days enjoyable!

I will definitely continue using Isagenix. I’ve finally found something that works, so why would I stop? Now my goal is to maintain, and it’s great that Isagenix has a maintenance plan so I can keep going. I still have shakes nearly every day, but I know that if I’m going to the beach or out with my friends, I can just eat anything I want to, and then then continue with Isagenix the next day! Seeing is believing, and I am now living proof that it works!”


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