Meet our 2021 IsaBody Round 1 Finalists!

August 17, 2021,


It’s been another 16 weeks of transformations, inspiring stories and lifechanging results. Get to know the three Finalists who were chosen as having the top transformations out of the whole round. Pretty impressive stuff!


I’m 34 and I can honestly say I went on my first diet when I was 14. I’ve always been sporty, whether boxing, parkour or unicycling, but dealing with food has always stressed me out. I want it to be easy and quick, so I never learned to eat healthy and I’ve not felt confident with my body for over 20 years. With every diet, I’ve always fluctuated and not sustained the weight loss, so after seeing some amazing long term results from Isagenix, I decided to give it a try.

The difference with Isagenix was that it was so much more structured. I got help from the people who introduced me to Isagenix, and I felt like part of a community by participating in meetings with others doing the same thing. It was so interesting to see results that they’d already had and motivating to see their transformations.

The best thing is that I feel better than ever before and I wake up in the morning without needing my coffee to feel awake! I feel a healthiness that I’ve never felt in my life. I learned about food and I changed my eating behaviour, and the good nutrition feels better for my mind. Everything is just easier!

My favourite product is the Strawberry IsaLean™ Shake because it’s so versatile and forms the base of my plan, but I also love the AMPED™ products. After three weeks using Isagenix, I started to do sports and exercise at home and I now use AMPED Nitro and AMPED Post Workout for training. This pushed me during my challenge and at the end of IsaBody I had a much better running pace and I was not exhausted. I’ve never run 15km before in one run, but I actually managed to, and I’m so impressed with myself!

If you’re thinking of starting Isagenix, my best advice is to set a target. For me was to lose weight and get more energy. If you have a tangible goal, it’s always easier to visualize it and reach it, and Isagenix will help you get there.

I’m now at the end of my second challenge and I want to reach my target of 77kg, but most importantly I want to continue to be sporty and active with my kids! I  have already reached a huge goal because I finally feel good in my body and enjoy looking in the mirror! I am convinced that I can achieve any goal I set for myself with my newly found zest for life. For me, Isagenix is everything I have always been looking for: simple, fast, healthy and without having to make any sacrifices.


I noticed that after my pregnancy when I was 41, it became increasingly difficult to lose weight. As a former soldier, I only knew one diet: eat less, move more. But unfortunately, it didn’t work this time and I couldn’t understand why. However, two of my friends had achieved great results with Isagenix and although at that point I didn’t like the idea of ‘shakes’, I decided to take the plunge.

My goal at first was to lose weight so I used the IsaLean Shakes and did Cleanse Days – I also started exercising again which I love! The closure of the gyms was a blessing in disguise for me because I wouldn’t train in the gym nearly as often as I do at home now. My goal has now changed slightly to gain muscle, so I’m weight training and on training days I drink the shakes as well as protein rich meals.

Now my skin and hair both feel healthier, I have more energy and I feel much more energized when I’m spending time with my family – I used to feel so tired all the time!

Throughout the challenge, I loved using the IsaLife App because it really gave me insight into my eating pattern and made me aware of what certain foods do to my body. I’m a nurse so I’m really busy, and I actually realized I was eating too little. I was more aware of calories so I was able to adjust my diet which was really helpful – nobody had ever taught me anything about diets and nutrition. I also noticed that I really relied on refined sugars – it really took some effort in the first few weeks to reduce eating them, but the snacks and Harvest Thins helped me!

I love the IsaLean Shakes™ because they are so versatile and I can use them in recipes like pancakes and smoothie bowls. My other favourite is Harvest Thins which help me through Cleanse Days – the taste and the crunch never gets boring!

I’ve had plenty of people asking me about Isagenix and all I’d say is give it a go! My results have blown me away and because there’s a money back guarantee, there’s nothing to lose. The most important bit of advice is that you need to have the right mindset before you start, as with anything. Isagenix can help you reach your goal when you’re in the right mindset and you know your goals!

In these 16 weeks I never experienced the use of Isagenix products as a ‘diet’. It is very nice that you can basically eat everything in moderation, nothing is off limits, which makes it easy to maintain. I feel like I have found a true sustainable lifestyle! A huge thanks to Isagenix, the online Isagenix community and the support of Marloes von Piekartz who I couldn’t have done it without! I am so proud of what I have achieved in those 16 weeks with the help of Isagenix products – they have certainly earned a permanent place in my diet!


I’ve been overweight for quite some time due to unhealthy habits and eating. At one point I got up to

132kg, so I began what I thought I should do – start a diet! But it just didn’t work. I lost 5kg which I gained back very quickly, so I just gave up on trying to be healthier. This changed when I saw Ramon Nieves´ results with Isagenix. He lost 12kg so I thought, if Ramon can do it, why couldn’t I as well?

I’d been told by a dietician told that I was desperate in need of losing weight and that less than 100kg would be ideal, and 90kg would be perfect for me. So with that as my goal, I got started with IsaBody. I knew it would be a long-term plan and not a short-term fix, but it took me 20 years to reach 130kg, so I was prepared to work hard! I effectively started to lose weight straight away, I started feeling like a different person from the inside.

The Isagenix lifestyle (I hate the word DIET) allowed me to control my body without feeling hungry. Normally if I’m trying to lose weight I feel so restricted and unhappy but with this I feel so much happier. Aside from improving my eating, I’ve become so much more active. I’ve just bought a bicycle to go to work instead of using the tube, I’m going to the gym and I’m swimming. I finished the challenge weighing 113kg and I’m now in my second challenge having lost a total of 20kg! It’s not the end of the journey and I’m getting closer to my goal day after day. With the help of my wife, I know I will achieve it!

A huge non-scale victory for me is that Isagenix has made me able to do something I’d discarded as impossible, which is buying a Hugo Boss suit! Firstly my Isagenix business has allowed me to have an extra income stream so I can actually afford it, and secondly I can actually fit in their clothes! I love how Isagenix is impacting all areas of my life and I can’t wait to continue and see my results.

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