What it Means to Have No-Compromise Quality

November 15, 2017,

Elaina Bird

Have you ever wondered whether dietary supplements offer the right kind and the right amount of ingredients? Good manufacturing practices are a crucial component when it comes to the efficacy of a dietary supplement. At Isagenix, we understand the importance of good manufacturing. We pride ourselves on the commitment to our no-compromise quality.

The Isagenix No-Compromise Quality Policy is extensive and thorough, and is set up to ensure that all Isagenix products are made to the highest of standards. The policy guidelines cover authenticity, quarantine/release procedures, potency and purity testing of raw materials and finished products, and other areas. We also have procedures to ensure consistency and safety in each phase of our manufacturing process.

Thorough testing of all raw materials

To start with, Isagenix requires every raw material that arrives in our manufacturing facilities to be immediately quarantined, thoroughly inspected and tested for identity and authenticity. Any raw material that does not meet the standards or specification of the Isagenix Material Review Board is rejected or destroyed. Isagenix requires industry-standard evaluation methods to determine potency, strength and composition of each ingredient.

The company actively seeks to source raw materials only from suppliers with a proven track record of sustainability and high quality. In addition, the company may use certified organic raw materials if they meet standards of purity, safety and potency.

Rigorous testing for possible contamination

All raw materials are also rigorously tested for safety. The safety of raw materials is the highest priority for Isagenix. Rigorous testing is performed for:

  • microbial activity – total aerobic bacterial, yeast and mould, salmonella and E. coli strains and other bacterial strains;
  • pesticides, herbicides and fungicides;
  • heavy metals – all botanicals are tested for the presence of lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic.

Finished product verification

After full testing of ingredients, Isagenix allow their products to be manufactured. Isagenix is one of the few companies in the world to have a surveillance programme that inspects and re-analyses finished products. It involves sending our products for independent laboratory testing for all its claims to ensure that our products fully meet the label claim and support our published expiration date. This is our finished product verification and stability testing process.

Isagenix Worldwide

The finished product verification and stability testing process, along with our overall no-compromise quality policy is what enables Isagenix to distribute these products across the globe. Isagenix products are now available in 15 countries!

There are few other dietary supplement companies that with the same level of quality assurance commitment. Isagenix doesn’t cut corners in making nutritional products, and spends millions each year on independent analysis of ingredients and auditing by third-party qualified organisers. By putting this much care into nutritional products, Isagenix knows it’s providing its customers with great, nutritious products.


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