Matt Kennedy puts AMPED Post-Workout to the test

February 20, 2020,


Before launch, we asked a group of Associates to put AMPED Post-Workout to the test so we could see what they thought about our newest product. Matt Kennedy who’s a keen bodybuilder, Olympic lifter and boxer was chosen to be in our 30 day trial – read on to see what he thought!

What has been your overall experience with AMPED Post-Workout?

My first comment is WOW. My recovery is the best it has ever been! I have always trained hard and steadily improved in the gym, but usually I wake up very sore and restricted in movement with DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) for a couple of days. However almost straight away I have noticed that I am bouncing out of bed in the mornings feeling strong and ready for the next workout. This has had a knock-on effect as I have been able to train harder, longer and heavier than usual, so I’m progressing quicker in all aspects of my training.

How has it impacted your weightlifting and bodybuilding?

I am reaching for weights I have not used in years, and I firmly believe this is due to the lack of soreness after intense workouts as a result of AMPED Post-Workout. My bench press is back to 140kg (which is nowhere near my maximum but I have rarely gone past 100kg in the last 6 months). My squat and deadlift are quickly improving by almost 10kg a session.

Olympic lifting is a new sport for me and I am also quickly gaining strength and confidence. I used to turn up to these sessions moaning about aches and stiffness, but now I am ready for action! I’m adding at least 5kg a session and I can only put this down to improved recovery. All my gym buddies are impressed and wondering what I am doing!

What about Muay Thai Boxing?

Because Muay Thai Boxing is a contact sport, it takes a toll on the body, however my speed, endurance and power has improved in the last few weeks at a noticeable rate, and the only thing I’ve been doing differently is having AMPED Post-Workout in my gym bag!

How do you use it?

It tastes awesome so I drink it on its own, or mixed with IsaPro straight after the gym. I will continue to use this product as I love the results so far!

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