Know Your Numbers When Making Additions to IsaLean Shake

April 19, 2018,

Rebecca Haresign

Know your numbers when making additions to IsaLean Shake

An IsaLeanTM Shake is satisfying all by itself, but we understand that some people like to add a little variety to their Shake Days. That’s ok – in fact, the shakes can serve as the base for other healthy additions that can provide a nutritious boost.

It’s important to be mindful of the number of calories you’re adding to your shake, particularly if your goal is weight loss. For example, adding a banana is a great ingredient to add to your shake, but it provides considerably more calories than a teaspoon of cinnamon.

Don’t let your mix-ins interfere with your Isagenix goals! A little extra knowledge on the nutritional content of common shake additions can mean staying within your calorie requirements for health and weight management.

This extra knowledge can also make it easier for you to tailor the nutrients in your mix-ins to best suit your needs. For example, if you want to increase the amount of protein in your meal, look for the mix-in options that provide the most protein. Similarly, if you want to increase the fibre content, look for the most appropriate option.

To make it easier for you to create your own IsaLean masterpiece, use the table below to keep track of the calories and macronutrients, and easily stay in line with meeting your goals, whether it’s for weight loss or energy and performance.

















Source: Public Health England. Composition of foods integrated dataset (CoFID). 2015.

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