It’s Pay Day! Everything You Need To Know About IsaWallet Revealed…

May 30, 2017,


Congratulations – it’s your very first Isagenix pay day! Your hard work is starting to pay off, and this is just the beginning!

Look out for two emails that will be arriving in your inbox this evening:

  • An email from Isagenix congratulating you on your first commission and letting you know how much you’ve earned;
  • An email from IsaWallet informing you that your first commission payment has been added to your IsaWallet account, and prompting you to set up your IsaWallet account. (Make sure you check your junk mailbox too!)

To ensure you receive the above emails, please go into your Back Office as soon as possible to check that the email address you have provided is correct. To do this, login to your Back Office, go to ‘My Account’ and then ‘Placement & Compensation’. Scroll down to ‘Commission Payment Method’ where you will be able to check and edit the email address accordingly. If you are expecting a commission payment but do not receive an IsaWallet email by 31 May 2017, please contact Customer Care on 0808 189 0490 or [email protected].

Why do I need to set up an IsaWallet account?

This is how your commissions from Isagenix will be paid. To access your Isagenix earnings, you will need to set up an IsaWallet account – simply follow the link in your IsaWallet email.

When will I be paid?

Commission payouts are processed by the team in our global headquarters in Arizona, and will be paid into IsaWallet every Monday evening in the UK. The only exception is when a US public holiday falls on a Monday. In this instance, commissions will be paid on Tuesday evening in the UK. 

Can I transfer my earnings to my personal bank account? 

If you have any other questions on IsaWallet, please call Customer Care on 0808 189 0490 (9am-6pm Monday to Friday). They will be happy to help!

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